Weekly Television Roundup

Sit and wait, sit and wait. That’s about all I seem to do these days because it’s any time now that my baby boy could arrive (Oh [Baby] Boy!). However, I have TV to keep me company, so I thought I’d share my thoughts on everything I watched this week.

PS: If you don’t have a baby coming, and you watched all these shows this week simply for enjoyment, zero judgement from me … because baby or not, I’d be right there with you ūüôā

Sunday: Real Housewives of Potomac


If you are a Housewife stan and you’re not watching Potomac, ummm what are you thinking? YOU ARE MISSING OUT!¬†These ladies bring it each episode, but this week’s was beyoooooond as news broke that Ashley’s husband sexually assaulted a camera man. I feel bad for Ashley to have to watch this in current time since she just had a baby (last week I think?), and everything in her world should be celebrated right now, not shadowed by this scandal.

As for the other women, Gizelle¬† was and continues to be so so messy each episode. Even though she’s my favorite, when I think of the drama the ladies have with one another, it’s usually started or prompted by Gizelle. I’m really liking Monique this season. I love her commentary and insight on all the arguments the women have because a) being pregnant, she’s the sober, silent observer & b) she tends to see every side and will tell people when they are right or wrong (cough, Candiace, cough). Robin doesn’t really do anything for me on the show, Karen is old & terrible, and Candiance is the absolute WORST. She’s immature and unreasonable, plus she needs to mind her own business and keep her opinions to herself.

Monday: The Bachelorette

Image result for the bachelorette hannah and luke

It was Fantasy Suites this week for Alabama Hannah, and she had¬†four guys to spend the night with instead of three. I was shocked, shocked I tell you, that Peter was the windmill date (“Know what? We did it a second time”), mainly just because he doesn’t really ooze sex appeal to me. However, he is my overall pick for Hannah; Peter is who I can picture her with the most.

I appreciated that Hannah felt she needed time with Tyler that didn’t revolve around intimacy, and that she didn’t want to have sex with him in the Fantasy Suite; physicality is not an issue for them. But, I don’t think it was necessary for her to make a big speech or a big deal about it at their dinner. Why couldn’t she just tell him that in the privacy of the Fantasy Suite? It was like¬†she had to let America know she wasn’t planning on sleeping with him. Also …

Screenshot 2019-07-18 at 5.29.41 PM

Jed sucks. Girlfriend or not, he sucks. His temper tantrum about being compared to Luke was unnecessary.  Speaking of unnecessary, why he told Hannah he loved her when a) he came on the show with a girlfriend, b) his family seemed surprised he brought Hannah home (for more on this see Take Back Home, Girl: Bachelorette Edition) and c) it seemed like he was using Luke as a way to leave & get back to said girlfriend. Or maybe not. Regardless of it all, Jed sucks.

But, speaking of Luke, his date was NUTS, wasn’t it? It felt like we were watching someone have a true epiphany right before our eyes, as Hannah found the light and realized how horrible Luke was/is. Not only that, I think she finally saw how easily he can manipulate (or attempt to), but also backtrack, so the person he’s talking to is never really sure what he’s trying to say (#gaslighting). Spoilers for next week’s Men Tell All claim it will basically be the reckoning of¬† Luke, and if you still are not convinced he’s a terrible human being, go check out the Twitter he just got, and how he attacked Hannah on it.¬†Image result for roll eye emoji

Tuesday: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Image result for real housewives of beverly hills reunion 2019

Do you like bon bons?”

So the first part of the Beverly Hills Reunion aired this week, and quite frankly, it was a bit all over the place. First, it started with a flashback to the Season 3 reunion, where Adrienne didn’t show up, and LVP gave her commentary on it, basically saying it was cowardly and wrong for Adrienne to not be there. HA! The hypocrisy of it all! While there was bit more on Vanderpump’s absence, the focus then shifted to Denise, her joining the show, and her life. I really like her, although I’d like to see her get a bit more feisty (which it looks like she might with Camille).

Speaking of Camille, she arrived to the reunion couch next. I think we’ll get more into the drama with her in the next two weeks (is it two or three parts?). The episode ended with the Lucy Lucy Apple Juice drama, and how Teddi got involved or was involved in it. Even though we’re all so sick of discussing this, I felt it was important to hear how Teddi was pulled in from the beginning. I had no idea it was because Dorit didn’t invite her to dinner after last year’s reunion (that was the reason right?). Regardless, Teddi’s feet were really held to the fire about how, yes, she was involved, and it was mainly Andy interrogating her. This will continue more next week I’m sure!

Wednesday: Southern Charm

Image result for southern charm colorado trip   Image result for southern charm colorado trip

Colorado, here they come! While I enjoyed watching this week’s¬†Southern Charm, it was also a little boring at the same time. I mostly am just ready for the reunion because I want everyone held accountable for their actions this season, with footage to back it up. What am I talking about? Well I want Whitney to have to answer for hooking up with Kathryn and then blatantly denying it. I want Craig to have to answer for all his crazy outbursts. I want Austen to have to answer for cheating on Madison (did he actually have a threesome in that ridiculously repeated video?? “MADISON!!”) and where they currently stand today. Finally, I want Cameran to have to answer for all her motherhood comments. As for this week’s episode, it was fine, mostly just them traveling. I’m excited to see more of their actual trip!

Thursday: RHONY Reunion

Image result for real housewives of new york reunion season 11

I plan to recap the reunion in its entirety on a separate post, so you’ll just have to be a bit more patient on this one! However, part two did not disappoint!

In addition: Stranger Things & Younger

My husband and I finished binging the third season of¬†Stranger Things this week. I won’t get too much into into because I don’t want to give away spoilers, but the ending absolutely wrecked me; I admit, I bawled my eyes out.

In my opinion, the season as a whole was the best yet. It was scarier, yet more intriguing, and the scenes between Steve, Robin, Dustin, and Erica were my favorite!

Image result for stranger things season 3

I’m also currently trying to get caught up on¬†Younger. Anyone watch? I won’t dive too much into it either (so if you don’t watch you can skip this section), but currently I’m in the middle of season five. First off, Direct TV and TV Land need to figure their shiz out because I can’t pull up the episodes on Demand, so I have to watch on my leeetle phone screen (#firstworldproblems). Liza needs to figure some things out as well. While I was always rooting for her and Charles, now that he knows her secret, he’s being a little butthead about it, so I just want Liza to quit Emperical, marry Josh, give him the baby he wants, plus deserves, and just live her best life with him! Also, Hillary Duff is the true queen of this show and the main reason I watch!

Image result for younger season 5

Well I think that’s it!! Whew, we made it! See you all next week with a RHONY Reunion recap, a Queer Eye binge, and hopefully a baby!!

Thank you television, social media, and my husband for keeping me sane these last few weeks before Hollywood Hangover Baby arrives!




Need a New Show to Binge?

I know I don’t need a new show; my DVR is busting at the seams, plus Bravo just keeps bringing me more houswives. Because of that, I wanted to share a few of my favorite shows that are quite binge-worthy. So grab a pumpkin spice latte (it’s that time of the year, you know), put your feet up, and get ready to find an awesome new show you can start discussing with me!

Image result for watching tv gif

Stranger Things


If you haven’t heard of this show, I don’t mean to criticize, but have you been living under a rock? It was one of Netflix’s biggest hits last year and I actually binged it twice. This is important to note because I don’t even have time to watch all my normal shows, let alone watch a series twice. It’s. That. Good. Also it’s not something that I would typically be interested; it’s 100% sci-fi.


You’d like¬†Stranger Things¬†if you like:

  • The Goonies
  • E.T
  • Stephen King
  • Ghostbusters

My favorite character is Dustin¬† ¬†STRANGER-THINGS-dustin¬† ¬†because he has the best one-liners, is a good friend, and reminds me of many of my students. Last, the next season of¬†Stranger Things comes to Netflix tomorrow (holla!) so if you start the show now, you won’t have to wait in agony (like the rest of us) for the next season!



One of my very first posts (Not the Archie & Jughead I Knew Growing Up: Riverdale Recap) was about the show¬†Riverdale:¬†the CW hit that retells the beloved comic book series. Season two started a couple weeks ago and it’s soooo good! I’ve got a couple of my girlfriends to binge the show (trust me, it goes quick!) and even my favorite morning show hosts, Jackie & Claudia Oshry, started their own show about it:¬†Afterdale.

You’d like¬†Riverdale if you like:

  • Gossip Girl
  • The OC
  • Pretty Little Liars

My favorite character is Cheryl Blossom¬† ¬†¬†5f63534fec5c01a908ac20cf41806340b1af31a6¬† ¬†because she’s cray-zie, yet fabulous and can also have a soft side when she wants. Like I said, the second season just started so you’re not too far behind if you wanted to get all the way caught up.

Game of Thrones 


There is an entire category that holds all the posts I wrote about Season 7 of¬†Game of Thrones (click in the top right hand corner now!).¬†I don’t even know if I could write out reasons why you should be watching this show; just know it will go down as an absolute pop culture mega phenomenon.

You’d like¬†Game of Thrones if you like:

  • violence
  • sex
  • attending your local Renaissance Festival
  • dragons
  • zombies
  • knowing what all your co-workers talk about around the water cooler on Monday mornings

My favorite character has changed from season to season due to the intense plotline, but currently it’s Tyrion Lannister, or Jon Snow, or Daenerys Targaryen. Ugh; I can’t decide.


Also if you’re a fan of Stassi Schroeder or Ansel Elgort, they’re huge fans too. Chances are your favorite celebrity is a fan, I mean Ed Sheeran was such a big fan, the show gave him a cameo last season!

Jane the Virgin


I wanted to dedicate this entire post to Jane. I finally caught up on this season (it’s 4th) and wanted to blog before the third episode premiered tomorrow. Gina Rodriguez (who you definitely need to have a girl crush on) actually won a Golden Globe for her performance as Jane in 2015, which led me to start binging the show.

72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Season 72

The show is told Telenovela-style, so there are subtitles you’ll have to read, but it totally makes the show. I don’t even want to give away the premise of the show because it’s so funny and so ridiculous. My favorite season is probably the first and the current. There are a ton of cameos, including BRITNEY SPEARS, which if you read¬†Justin Timberlake: Superbowl 51, you know how I feel about Ms. Spears.

My favorite character is Jane’s dad, Rogelio,
Image result for Rogelio de la Vega gif
because while he has the biggest heart, he’s extremely self-absorbed and it’s HILARIOUS!

Jane is a great character too, but that’s all because of Gina Rodriguez. She OWNS the role, but is also just an amazing role model in her real life. She’s not the skinny, blonde, ditzy stereotype of a female lead; she’s smart, feisty, and 100% real. I love her! Last, this show will not only keep you on the edge of your seat with some shockers, but will make you laugh out loud plus give you all the feels!


So what shows have been your favorite to binge?

Image result for binge watching gif

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2017 Emmys

Finally all my binging pays off…

Sunday night brought us the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards, which celebrates television’s best! What I learned from watching the show is that I a) watch too much tv, and B) am curious to start watching more. With that being said, let’s discuss a few of the small screen winners, Colbert’s sketches, & that annoying announcer.


Outstanding Supporting Actor - Drama:

Image result for john lithgow the crown gif
I was happy to see John Lithgow win for his portrayal of Winston Churchill. If you didn’t know, I¬†fell in love with The Crown¬†over the summer. This role is not an easy role to play, however, I’m fairly certain Lithgow won this award for this character last year ?? That is confusing to me because there has only been one season of the show so how is that possibly? Find and correct me if I’m wrong; I’m too lazy to look it up.

Satisfied with this award?
Sure, but I would have much preferred seeing Jonathan Banks win for Better Call Saul. 


Outstanding Supporting Actor - Comedy:

Image result for alec baldwin as trump gif
Yes, he looks and sounds exactly like Trump so Alec Baldwin was very much deserving to win in this category. But I’m SO OVER the political kick SNL has been on this year. I love love love¬†Saturday Night Live but this past season I deleted many episodes instead of spending my Sunday afternoon laughing and watching from the night before. I’m not going to get into politics or my political beliefs (not this platform) but I def think SNL could lessen it a bit this upcoming season.

However, I think I’m alone in this thought because SNL cleaned house last night winning not only this award, but Best Supporting Actress (go Kate go!), Best Variety Sketch, & Best Variety Sketch Directing.

Satisfied with this award?
I guess, but I’d have preferred to see Tituss Burgess from Kimmy Schmidt win!


Outstanding Variety Talk Series:

Image result for john oliver gif
Ummm, not a John Oliver fan (maybe I would be if I watched him? Naaah). I thought the Colbert/Kimmel roast of him after the two wins was great (fingers crossed they actually meant it). I was also pretty salty¬†The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon wasn’t nominated! In the words of the Oshry sisters, “Justice for Jimmy!” Also, John Oliver you were not funny with mentioning Oprah each time you gave an acceptance speech.

Satisfied with this award?
No! James Corden deserved the win and James Fallon deserved to be nominated!

Outstanding Supporting Actress - Drama:

Image result for ann dowd gif
Ummm, Ann Dowd was the cutest! I didn’t, haven’t, & don’t watch¬†The Handmaid’s Tale so I can’t say much here.

Satisfied with this award?
Not really; I was really wanting Millie Bobby Brown to win. Not just because I love Stranger Things or because I love her, but because that. is. not. an. easy. role for a young teen to play. Seriously, watch the series and count how many actual lines Eleven had; that performance was based on pure emotion!


Outstanding Writing - Drama:

Image result for handmaid's tale gif
Okay Ann Dowd, let’s keep talking Handmaid vs. Stranger because it keeps winning! Honestly, I’ve wanted to read¬†The Handmaid’s Tale for a while because I appreciate classic literature (& let’s be honest 1985 isn’t considered total classic, so thumbs up I’ll understand it some!). Not only that, the show won A TON of awards including this plus Outstanding Lead Actress Drama & Outstanding Drama. I def went and requested the book from the library and am currently on the hunt for someone’s Hulu password.

Satisfied with the award?
No, because I haven’t watched the show. Also, I think the Duffer brothers created something so unique and entertaining with¬†Stranger Things¬†and should have won instead.


Outstanding Lead Actor - Drama:

Image result for sterling k brown gif
Loved him in the O.J. show; love him even more in This Is Us. I need to see more Sterling K. Brown work! (I also love saying his full name fyi)

Satisfied with this award?
Hell yes. Just don’t ever kick Sterling K. Brown off a stage AGAIN!

Every other award:

Image result for big little lies gif

We can pretty much say the rest fell to either¬†The Handmaid’s Tale, Big Little Lies, or Donald Glover, but I’d much rather talk BLL. First off, the ladies looked AMAZING presenting the first award. Nicole Kidman won for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series, Alexander Skarsgard won for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series, plus it won Outstanding Lead Series. You can read my thoughts on BLL right here –>¬†I Went on a Summer Binge ‚Ķ.¬† ¬† ūüôā ūüôā !!!

Satisfied with this award?
I would have preferred Reese win over Nicole but whatevs. Also, I need to watch¬†The Handmaid’s Tale; have I mentioned that already?

Stephen Colbert:

Image result for stephen colbert emmys gif
I’m not a huge Colbert fan; I prefer Fallon or Cordon, but I thought he was fine. I liked the opening number, his monologue was funny (Ted Cruz joke made me LOL), & he had some good bits. I really really loved the¬†Westworld spoof where he was a host — a Westworld host, not award host, wait a sec, I get it….! (When does that show come back anyway!?). The RuPaul/Emmy bit was good too. Okuuuuuur!

I’m not one to really love or hate on the host; I’m more into it for the awards and the gowns and the live tweeting. Colbert didn’t make or break anything for me. He was just … there.

Jermaine Fowler:

Okay first of all who are you?! Even Andy Cohen tweeted about him saying, “OY VEY with this announcer!” I don’t understand why there was a hype guy for an award show that wasn’t the VMA’s. Clearly CBS had to tell him to tone things down in the beginning (shoutout to Linda Holmes!) because his yelling was almost at crazy level; plus, those weird random comments he was throwing in there when someone won; like, are you trying to be funny? Give me the typical lady who has the soothing voice and is all, “This is so and so’s third nomination and first win for her role in blah blah blah …” You know who I’m talking about.

Image result for jermaine fowler emmys____________________________________________________________________________________________

Final Thoughts:

All in all, a fine show. Again, you don’t play off Sterling K. Brown; I don’t care where it was written queen Nicole got to talk that whole time. Anyway (& more importantly) I want to end with Alec Baldwin’s quote from his Emmy acceptance speech. It perfectly sums up my obsession with the small screen, the big screen, music, literature, and all things celebrity. Because, art makes you FEEL and brings people together and for that I’ll always follow, appreciate (& hopefully blog).
¬† ¬†” … when you die you don‚Äôt remember a bill that Congress passed or a decision the Supreme Court made, or an address made by the president. You remember a song. You remember a line from a movie. You remember a play. You remember a book. A painting. A poem. What we do is important. And for all of you out there in Motion Pictures and Television, don‚Äôt stop doing what you are doing, the audience is counting on you.”¬†

Image result for i love television gif