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Week 6 of maternity leave is in full effect. I love my baby & our time together! Besides his eating and pooping a lot, the two of us spend our days doing what else?? Watching & discussing television. His current favorites include …

Big Brother

I always root for an underdog, so I am wanting either Nicole or Cliff to come away as the winner. I thought it was interesting that CBS aired Nicole reading her Head of Household letter; it’s as if they want her to win America’s Favorite Player, or the network just wants to show that it actually cast at least one genuine, good person?

Speaking of a not so genuine or good person, Michie is HOH currently. As I write this, I already know who won the POV and what that person plans to do with it. All I can say is I really hope this plan goes through; we’ll just have to see tonight!

Bachelor in Paradise

I can’t believe Caelynn left with Dean, I’m kind of digging Dylan & Hannah’s relationship, and please get Nicole & Clay off my screen. Other than that? Snooze fest.

This is the last week for paradise, right? Doesn’t DWTS start next week? Every year that I watch Paradise, I kind of feel like the final couple episodes are extremely boring, and I’m just not as into it. I’m ready for the reunion; that’s all I care about at this point.



This is my first time sitting down to watch Friends from the beginning, in order. Usually I catch an episode here & there if nothing else is on. I know, I know, I know. How is that even possible? Everyone has seen and loves this show! It’s just one I never really got into before.

I decided to start watching it as a light- hearted, stress reliever during my baby’s newborn phase of late nights, cry fits, & my emotional overthinking of every little thing; come to find out, the show has helped so so much! I would literally prescribe it to anyone ever feeling anxious or sad. I’m so in love & invested after only three seasons that I purchased some of the PJs from the Friends line at Walmart. You can get yours at the link below 👇🏻 !!


Chandler is obviously my favorite, who’s yours?

Dave Chappell & Travis Scott

My husband and I recently watched Dave Chapelle’s Netflix stand up special. I cannot stress enough how not only hilarious, but accurate it is in today’s climate. However, Chapelle is definitely not PC in it. I would take this as a warning if you decide to watch, especially if you are one that is easily offended🙄.

I also started to watch the Travis Scott documentary, but I couldn’t finish it. Maybe I just don’t get him or his music? Honestly I just wanted to watch for the Kylie of it all. Instead, it seemed like mostly concert footage, and I wasn’t in the mood. It didn’t seem to tell much about his life or background or anything; maybe I gave up too soon?

Football Sundays

Go Chiefs!!!

I’m also watching Potomac, Orange County, & Dallas Housewives, AND Keeping Up, all of which are not disappointing, but rather are seeeeeerving up entertainment!

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And Then There Were Seven: a Big Brother Recap

Who is enjoying this season of Big Brother?

With a newborn, the hubs and I didn’t think we’d be able to keep up with a three night a week TV commitment (& I obviously wasn’t giving up Potomac or Orange County housewives … or Bach in Paradise!) … but BB21 is just too good to not watch!

Seriously, this season is classic Big Brother with alliances forming & then breaking, explosive fights, and backstabbing. As far as favorites, I’m really rooting for Cliff, Nicole, or Jessica (I like me an underdog). I also really like Tommy, but the fact that he’s attached to Christie makes me not all in on him.

But let’s discuss this week in the house ….

Sunday Night: Nominations

“Like here I am, use me!”

So. Christie pledged loyalty to both Holly & Jackson and also Cliff & Nicole (because they saved her last week). Plus, we know she won’t go against Tommy. That leaves Nick and Jessica for Christie to target, which in my opinion won’t really get her much further. But, SO MUCH can change in two weeks in the Big Brother house, so maybe Christie isn’t making that big of a mistake.

Yet, when Holly asked her to go up as a pawn, Christie thought it was “too soon.” SHOCKER! Ugh, they should have got rid of her when they had the chance.

Which, they may still have, since Nick as America’s Prankster, nominated her, which Nicole sniffed out when he opened his big mouth. I wonder if the house will find out his secret ….

Wednesday Night: POV

Can we just have pie in the face and Zingbot every episode?!

So. Christie thinks the fact that America’s Prankster nominated her, means she paid her debt to Holly & Jackson (meaning go up for them). OF COURSE SHE WOULD THINK THAT 🙄 Not surprised.

What did surprise me was Nick telling the pompous douchebag he’s the Prankster, and not only Jackson, but Tommy too! Does Nick really think Tommy is going to vote against Christie to save him?! I’m sure something crazy will happen; it always seems to 24 hours before Thursday’s live show.

Thursday Night: Eviction

Due to the NFL, BB wasn’t live and actually didn’t come on until, like, 1:30am, so I haven’t watched yet. I predict Nick goes home, although I’d prefer to see Christie go.

Who are you rooting for to win? Come find me on social media and we can discuss!
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Big Brother is Back (& I don’t hate it…)

I’m finally caught up on Big Brother and ready to discuss!

Mostly because, I’m not hating it … yet. I’ve watched BB for ten years now (Season 11 was my first) and the last few years have been paaaaainful to get through. Season 15 had some of the worst humans possible on the show, who made terrible, racist comments toward one another. Seasons 18 & 19 brought us not one, but TWO summers of Paul Abrahamian. And last season was basically just one side of the house against the other, with no one enjoyable to root for.

But this year …

Image result for big brother 21 gif

… doesn’t suck (so far)! In fact, I look forward to watching it on Sunday! Let’s get into it!

The House Guests

Image result for big brother 21

As the show progresses, I know I’ll be flippy-floppy on who I enjoy, but right now I really find everyone pleasant, except for Jason Momoa (I don’t even know his first name, but you know who I’m talking about). I don’t like how he tried to control the HOH this past week (Christie I think her name is? She reminds me actually of Christmas from a few seasons back, the contestant, not the season). And NOW *spoiler* he’s is the HOH for this upcoming week. Ugh.

Image result for jason momoa annoyed

Every year, I root for an all girls alliance, but sadly it seems like that won’t be the case, yet again. However, I guess it possibly could still happen as Christie decided to not complete Jason Momoa’s plan. I’d love to see them all band together to get out Momoa and his sidekick, homeboy Jackson. I also wouldn’t be sad to see Kat or Kemi leave as well; I read both their bios, and their BB knowledge seems quite limited, which always annoys me when CBS casts people who haven’t watched much of the show. So far, my favorites include Holly, Tommy, Nick, and Sam.

Image result for big brother holly  Image result for big brother tommy

Image result for big brother nick  Image result for big brother sam smith

The Twists

While I think the secret powers are kind of dumb, I am obsessed with this Camp Comeback twist! Basically, the first four evicted leave the game (no comps or voting), but can continue to live in the house socially, with a chance to eventually enter back into the game (only 1 person). But, why I love this so much is if you’re Head of Household and evict someone, they don’t leave! They’re still in the house living right along side you, discussing with others why they got voted out, and hovering around with a chance to come back into the game fully.

Image result for mind blown gif

David (who was gone too soon) and Ovi (who is so sweet & enjoyable) are the first two in this camp. I think both of them are strong players socially and could shake up alliances, especially because it seems like some house guests are starting to crack (Christie, Kat).

For Now

Hopefully I can keep up and not fall behind with the show like I have in the past. It can be really hard, especially with it airing three days a week.

I predict Jason Momoa will target Kemi because that’s who he wanted out originally; she has no game knowledge and seems like she’s only good for talking smack on people, so I see her getting really upset with being nominated. I’m here to watch her implode … explode? Or, I could see Momoa being upset with Christie for not nominating Kemi last week like he wanted; Christie is in his alliance, so that too would be a shake up. It’s boring to me when alliances stay together for week after week, running the house; I like when they implode … explode? and there is oodles upon oodles of drama!

It’s pretty early to predict winners; I’d really like Sam Smith, aka Daffy Duck, win because he’s a dad and seems like a good dude. I also respect Nick and wouldn’t mind seeing him win because hes child therapist; I mean, what an incredible job to have!

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Screenshot 2019-03-14 at 6.21.17 PM

The Hacker is Here: BB20 Post (Veto Ceremony)

Welcome back Mr. Peck-tacular & goodbye Bayleigh??

Wednesday’s Veto

Going into tonight’s episode, I couldn’t be happier that Tyler was on the block; don’t get me wrong, I love Tyler and I think he’s playing the best. I was just happy Haleigh finally figured out his snakey ways. However, I also knew he’d probably get himself off the block because he is a beast in competitions.

Image result for big brother 20 tyler gif

I have never ever seen someone in this type of competition who finishes second to last actually claim the Veto. I still haven’t decided if it was a good or bad move by Tyler. The plan to put up Bayleigh doesn’t really surprise or upset me; she went on an insane power trip last week. Yet, I am not an Angela fan at all! She did her girl Rachel dirty and I’m just not here for bitchy females. What I would love to see happen is all the girls banding together to get the boys out. I can’t wait to watch tomorrow to see Bayleigh absolutely flip her shizzzz!! (Spoiler … there is an intense house meeting) !!!!!

Image result for big brother 20 bayleigh gif


Big Brother 20 Cast Revealed!

Time to judge people based on one photo & roughly four words.

Which, totally isn’t fair, but that’s what we do with the Big Brother contestants prior to watching the show (and Bachelor contestants come to think of it). However, I just can’t with CBS this year because they *literally* found clones of past contestants … no joke! See the evidence below!

Image result for chris traeger literally gif

Angie Lantry is *literally* Joey, who tried to form an all girl alliance & failed in season 16.

Screenshot 2018-06-19 at 10.11.55 AM.png        Image result for joey van pelt big brother gif

Tyler Crispen is *literally* David, the surfer who got voted off first in season 15.

He could be Frank also … google it!

Screenshot 2018-06-19 at 10.14.44 AM        Image result for david girton

Winston Hines is *literally* Clay, the hot cowboy who turned out to be a douche in season 16.

Screenshot 2018-06-19 at 10.16.20 AM        Image result for clay big brother

JC Monduix is *literally* Frankie, better known as Ariana Grande’s brother, from season 16.

Screenshot 2018-06-19 at 10.21.16 AM        

Scottie Salton is *literally* Andy, the rat (& winner!) of season 15.

Screenshot 2018-06-19 at 10.24.04 AM       Image result for andy big brother 15

Sam Bledsoe is *literally* Christmas, the builder of bodies and breaker of bones from season 19.

Screenshot 2018-06-20 at 11.22.06 AM      Image result for christmas big brother

Steve Arienta is *literally* Derek, the best Big Brother player who ever lived (winner: season 16).

(Okay, so these two don’t technically look alike, but they are both undercover cops, and that’s similar enough … you know those producers are trying to make him the next Derek).

Screenshot 2018-06-20 at 11.28.16 AM    Image result for derek big brother

Angela Rummans is *literally* Jessie, who is pretty forgettable, and I only thought of her after seeing Angela’s picture. (Jessie: BB15)

Screenshot 2018-06-20 at 11.34.31 AM        

Haleigh Broucher is *literally* (either) Nicole, the Big Brother goddess … or Aaryn, the Big Brother devil.

It could really go either way …

Image result for nicole big brother   Screenshot 2018-06-20 at 11.48.45 AM    Image result for aaryn big brother
Nicole BB16 & BB18                                                                                      Aaryn, BB15

Rachel Swindler is *literally* Natalie, who should still be dating James from season 19.

Screenshot 2018-06-20 at 12.01.46 PM      Image result for natalie big brother

Brett Robinson is *literally* Judd, the good, ol’ country boy from season 15.

Screenshot 2018-06-20 at 12.13.30 PM.png      Image result for judd big brother

Faysal Shafaat is *literally*  Josh, the saucepan-banging winner of last season.

Screenshot 2018-06-20 at 12.13.42 PM    Image result for josh big brother

And finally …

Screenshot 2018-06-20 at 12.08.01 PM

This is Chris “Swaggy C” Williams. I can’t find a past contestant to match him, but the fact that he calls himself “Swaggy C” means he probably won’t win  (or do well at all).

After previewing the cast, I’m guessing the twist is going to be that CBS brings back all the contestants’ doppelgangers to compete with them as partners? Am I the only one seeing this?? These people look exactly like previous contestants!!

Image result for seeing double gif

However, there are a couple players I couldn’t place from previous seasons: Kaycee Clark, the pro football player, Kaitlin Herman, the life coach, & Bayleigh Dayton, the flight attendant. So I think I may be rooting for these three girls … but I guess we’ll just have to see! After a few years of boring and (what I think are) failed BB seasons, I really hope this one doesn’t completely end my watching of the show. I’ll be reporting more in the coming weeks; BB20 starts Wednesday, June 27th!

Image result for big brother gif

PS: If you didn’t hear Chris Trager’s voice from Parks & Rec each time you read “literally,” go stand in the corner.

50 Thoughts I Had During the #BB19 Finale

 Finally the season of Paul is over!!!

I was with the show (“OPPOSITE SIDES OF THE HOUSE!” Big Brother Recap: POV & Eviction) then I was against the show (Big Brother … or, a Shakespearean Tragedy) then I was with it when Josh made this face …


Then I was against it again when they didn’t get Paul out during the Double Eviction (even deleting the past two episodes off the DVR) but I guess I’m with it tonight to see who wins. Here we go!

  • Julie looks great in that black jumpsuit and choker! (Especially since she’s had some rough outfits this season!)
  • Paul is a snake … but probs deserves to win!
  • I hope Kevin wins America’s Favorite Player!
  • Was such a season of boring boring game play where everyone just listened to Paul.
  • Awww I miss Mark!
  • I love Unicorns! It’s pooping Unicorn glitter on them!
  • Go Josh go!
  • I can’t believe I’m cheering for Josh.
  • Currently fastforwarding zzzzzz…..
  • Down goes Josh; dang it.
  • I have zero upper body strength soooo I’d suck at this.
  • Let’s be honest I’d probs suck at all the comps.
  • Down goes Christmas; I hate Paul.
  • If Paul wins, he’s the Kansas City Royals cerca 2015.
  • I would think Christmas would be better at this comp because Josh isn’t the brightest.
  • This comp makes me miss Game of Thrones bad!!
  • Fast forwarding … bored zzzz
  • Josh wins by 7 minutes; I blame Christmas’s foot.
  • Nicole came back a second season and won; now Paul may come back and win — next year people listen up, GET! THE! VETS! OUT!
  • No one cares what you guys will do with the money; maybe if I liked you guys I’d care but I don’t.
  • YES! I love the part with the Jury & Will!
  • Pretty sure Cody is Derrick Levasseur just without being likeable; Cody is smart & thought ahead in the game!
  • Whoa!! Mark & Matt.
  • Okay so no one in Jury likes Josh.
  • I agree with them all saying Christmas used her foot in her favor.
  • Yes! Doctor Will call them out for not putting Paul up!
  • Dang now Will is coming for Alex!
  • I don’t respect this season either Mark! Hated it in fact; stopped watching a few weeks in fact!
  • The jury is so salty like Raven said BUT YOU ALL COULD HAVE DONE SOMETHING TO PAUL! Stupid stupid stupid stupid!
  • You guys are worse players than Paul because you let him get away with everything and now want to cry about it; except maybe Cody. He saw Paul for what he was; Cody was just also a dick of a person.
  • Scales Comp!
  • Go Josh go! Win and take Christmas because I’d love to see Paul get kicked to the curb at the last minute!
  • Skipped their speeches! Please take Christmas!
  • He’s an IDIOT! Josh just lost.


  • Here come the questions!
  • Ohhh Alex’s question about Paul being a snake & not showing “friendship!” Good question!
  • Wow I actually think Josh is giving good answers.
  • Christmas is going to ask Paul if they can go out after this; she loves him.
  • Okay the stupid inside joke between Christmas and Josh was just that … stupid.
  • Stop talking Paul.
  • Wow they are talking really really fast.
  • Kevin looks so dapper! He’s so nice too! He said that the top two deserve it because they made top two and the Jury did not!
  • Damn Jessica is right about the Jury!
  • Okay come on; let’s just tally the votes!
  • Holy cow. Oh wow. Paul just lost a second year in a row. Shooketh to my core … but so happy! CONGRATS MEATBALL!!!!

Image result for big brother josh happy gif

Big Brother … or, a Shakespearean Tragedy

I haven’t watched Big Brother in two weeks & that’s a problem.

Most of you will say, “That’s just a stupid TV show,” or “I don’t even watch Big Brother, who cares?” but I care. I started watching BB in high school with my dad. It become something that was ours. My parents divorced when I was in middle school and even if I was spending the week with my mom, I still took an hour out of my Wednesday, Thursday, or Sunday to drive to my dad’s house and go watch this crazy “game” in the summer with him.


When I left for college, I still continued to watch Big Brother and even got my college boyfriend to watch it with me. That college boyfriend became my husband and eight years later we still watch the show together. And yes, I still discuss the show with my dad.


I got one of my best friends, who I worked with, to start watching. Even though her and I no longer work together, each week we text our thoughts on the show. Why do I tell you all this history of Big Brother and myself? Because the show has meant quite a bit to me and many people I care about. It’s been a summer staple in my life for years! Which brings me back to my very first point, I haven’t watched this season in two weeks. For my BB fans this means I’ve missed two HoH’s, two Vetoes, two houseguests going home, & tons of game talk (which is basically YEARS inside the house). And guess what, I didn’t watch tonight either.

Image result for big brother show gif angry

Let me lay out the reasons why I’m SO OVER BB this season (and why it kind of breaks my heart).

First: Megan

Remember Megan? She was from the very start of the show. Here we see her happily talking to Jeff.

Image result for megan big brother

Her happiness didn’t last long though when she literally quit the show after the horrible way she was treated by both Josh & Cody (and quite frankly ALL the houseguests because no one stuck up for her). She had such bad anxiety from the show, she had to leave. I also wouldn’t put it past CBS for knowing her mental history and casting her anyway.

Second: The Return of Paul

Okay, okay, I know the bringing back of veteran houseguests has become a thing to be expected of BB.  I was excited to see Paul brought back because I think he’s funny and I thought he would stir the house up.


But again, shame on you CBS for giving him THREE WEEKS safety right out of the gate. That allowed Paul three weeks to get inside people’s heads and have them do all his dirty work (WHICH ALL THE IDIOT HOUSEGUESTS DID!). I will give it to Paul; he is an absolute great player, but the fact that the newbie house guests can’t see this and are basically letting him run the entire ship is so ridiculous AND BORING!

Plus Paul, why did you get SO mad at Cody for trying to take a shot at you?? You know you would have done the exact same thing if you were in his position, which brings me to my next issue with this season…

Third: #Jody vs the House vs #Jody

I really can’t decide how I feel or felt about Cody and Jessica. At first, I was all “GET THEM OUT; these people are awful!” I completely understood why Cody would take out Paul, but it really seemed like Cody and Jessica were wanting this couple only, pretty people only alliance.

Image result for big brother cody and jessica

But then, Cody got voted out, Jessica was all alone, we wanted Cody to come back in (because you KNEW it would shake things up), Cody made it back in, only to have them both be targeted during that trash competition. Jessica won HoH and for a small second, I believed in their romance and was on #teamjody because I always root for the underdog.

Image result for big brother cody and jessica

They were winning competitions, Jess had her safety power, everyone was being awful to them, so I jumped on the Cody/Jess bandwagon. I BELIEVED in their love and the “them vs us.” I shipped #Jody. Then, the week Cody was up on the block, they said some pretty horrible things to Josh (who may or may not be totally clear in the head…). While I still ship their love (I started following Jess on Twitter, & really do like her), I was still disgusted by some of their comments (but, the rest of the house guests weren’t innocent either).

Last: Everyone, just everyone.

I mean, who do I like on BB moving forward? Def not Paul. Def not Josh. I really liked Alex and Jason, but have heard on Twitter that they’ve been pretty awful to people behind the scenes (plus they’re stupid because Paul is running their game — see above). Let’s see …. Christmas is boring and can’t compete and in my opinion shouldn’t even be there. Raven? HA! I guess I really like Kevin and he is the main person I’m rooting for.

Image result for big brother kevinImage result for big brother kevinImage result for big brother kevin

According to Twitter, the houseguests were really awful to him as well?? Also, according to Twitter my two sweet guys, Mark & Matt, left. I was really sad to see Mark go, I saw no reason the house was against him or what he did wrong, and his week leaving marked the week I stopped watching.

Image result for big brother mark

Also according to Twitter, I heard Matt just gave up and went out like a puss? I mean clearly something had to be wrong with him too since he liked Raven … #sorrynotsorry.

Image result for so what now gif

It would be truly heartbreaking for me to give up on Big Brother after years of watching (I mean I did it with Grey’s Anatomy, but really don’t want to do it here), and since tomorrow the hubs and I are both off from work, maybe we’ll catch up. BTW…


I’ll let you know if I do watch. If you’re still watching (and enjoying) the show, hit me up on Twitter, IG, or leave a comment on the blog site (you have to subscribe to do so —-> top right hand corner friends & enter your email!) and we can discuss who you like and why. Unless it’s Paul, if it’s Paul I won’t talk to you.

“OPPOSITE SIDES OF THE HOUSE!” Big Brother Recap: POV & Eviction

Holy Big Brother!


First off, can we just applaud me for writing a review the day after a show actually aired? #Holla! Second, it’s my birthday today so #doubleHolla!! With that being said, (spoiler!) Josh won HOH & I seriously have zero motivation to write this post; I literally want to throw my computer across the room; should I boycott CBS all week; should I start a boycott CBS hashtag? Okay, okay fine. I’m going to try really hard to get through this post without…


So, Wednesday night.  We begin with the end of the nomination ceremony and Jess is P.I.S.S.E.D! But, I don’t really feel bad for her because if she would have just told Paul what exactly the Hex was, I seriously don’t think he would have put her and Cody up.


I feel like a majority of this episode was dedicated to Jess and Cody breaking up. I understand how Jessica wouldn’t want Cody to be a hothead in the real world, but when he bared his soul to her? I quote: “This is why I don’t have any friends, or a girlfriend, and why I’m not close with my family.” Okay, I don’t think that was precisely what he said, but it was the most real he’s been all season.

(Oh, just realized I forgot to bring up the Mark/Josh fight; seriously so. much. happened. these two episodes how am I to cover it all? I’m on your side Mark; we’d all pop off if someone was banging pots in our face; we just couldn’t look as cute doing it in a tutu as you; also, WTF Elena? Defend your man! She sucks)


So yeah, Jessica & Cody are fight, Josh & Mark are fighting, and Paul is sitting back controlling it all. I literally went from liking Paul to despising him in less than a week. #puppetmaster


Last thing I’ll say about Wednesday’s episode is that the weatherman competition is ONE OF MY FAVORITES (so funny!)! Also, Paul won (boo).

Eviction Night:

Okay, so I heard BB had gotten crazy and that it would play out for us last night, but Holy. Cow! First up, shout out to Julie in her pineapple dress!


Okay, Jessica why are you believing Paul that Cody said we wanted to keep Alex & Jason so they would eventually get you out? Oh, because Cody did say that (roll that footage!); oh no. So she’s trying to cut a deal and Paul is going around telling everyone what it is.


Whatever, doesn’t matter because Paul uses the POV on Jason, which Jason then discusses with Kevin and Raven when Jess walks in. She sees Jason do the “timeout” symbol and Jessica loses it on Raven.


I thought Jessica was just being super paranoid so I had to rewind and yes, Jason did tell them to stop talking because Jess entered. Insue FIGHTING! Ugh, first it’s Raven and Jessica and then something about hiding cat ears? Really ladies? Then, Paul tells Josh to “turn it up to 30” meaning Josh’s harassment of #Jody and Paul now seems to be rallying everyone in on this taunt session. I’m over it. At least Matt and Mark are not down for this, as they said in the diary room.

Yet, NO ONE stops this outlandish behavior!!! 

I don’t even care if you like Jessica or Cody, at least tell your housemates enough is enough; everyone (Jess & Cody) included is in the wrong here, has done wrong before, and now looks like a child. Josh and Paul are straight up going after Jessica & Cody just to do it; no reasons why.

I’m honestly not here for anyone in the game at this point. Well, maybe Kevin. But even he didn’t put his dad hat on to stop the madness. No one is really loyal to anyone (even Jessica was going to go against Cody), Paul is basically controlling everyone, and the insults in the house are now personal and mean. They are all the blame and CBS should be ashamed.

I really don’t want to watch at all next week because I don’t think I can make it through Josh’s reign of HOH terror. This game was royally screwed when it brought back Paul and literally handed him three weeks of safety. Think about it: we wouldn’t have the house so against two people and one person wouldn’t be mind controlling everyone else!

I have a lot to think about in regards to if I want to continue watching, but for now all my feels say …

gur bye.jpg


It’s Officially Summer: Big Brother is Back!

Pegged as the ‘Summer of Temptation’, CBS’s Big Brother returned Wednesday night with sixteen new houseguests and more twists than ever. 

Well say goodbye to my social life three nights each week because they will now be devoted to watching Big Brother. Yeah, it’s a time commitment because it airs Sundays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays, but it’s completely worth it!

What is Big Brother? It’s a reality “experience” that somewhat combines Survivor & The Real World. Contestants move into a house together, where they are filmed 24/7.  You can even sign up to watch them on the all access live feeds. They compete in multiple competitions including a Head of Household competition, who then nominates two people to leave & at the end of the week, the house votes someone out. The final two remaining houseguests go against one another for a chance to win $500,000. The show is hosted by the beautiful, godlike Julie Chen.

Seriously she is FLAWLESS. Plus she’s married to like, the CEO of CBS and he gave her not one, but TWO shows to host. #queen

But the show. There is SO MUCH more than just nominating people and voting them out. (and fangirling over Julie).  If you’ve never watched the show, I highly suggest you research it a bit to get a small premise. For those of you who are here and understand it all, let’s dive into the house guests! 

Paul Abrahamian:       52f2f8c7d080b3d8_bigb19_paul_abrahamian_800x1000

One of the major shocks from the premiere episode was that Paul from last season returned back into the house. He’s loud and believes in “friendship.” I’m glad Paul is back because I know he’ll rile the house up, plus he has funny commentary, but I would have picked a different past houseguest to return.

 Christmas Abbott: 6af0aa5a3d1e377b_bigb19_christmas_abbott_800x1000

First of all, yes I know her name is Christmas. And, yeah, that is kind of awful. Christmas was on the chopping block and in jeopardy of going home night one but got the majority vote in the house. I’m guessing it’s because she seems super nice and has an amazing body (as one Cross Fitter would)! I can see her making some big moves this season. (Cross Fitter? Is that right; ah well…).

Alex Ow:9f4fb7d452690b3e_bigb19_alex_ow_800x1000

Alex could have been one of those house guests I would have easily forgotten, except during the first competition, which including hanging onto a rope while standing on a swinging balance beam,  she was the final two left with a big meathead male. When he tried to make a deal with her and persuade her to fall, she told him to “Eat shit!” HA! Out of the gate she’s one of my favorites!

Matthew Clines:ea53735cfa75476b_bigb19_matthew_clines_800x1000

I don’t really have much to comment on about Matt Clines, except that he is wonderful to look at, and probably the best looking guy there. He seems really nice too, which means he’ll probably be an awful player.

Others I liked right away include Elena Davies, Jason Dent, Jillian Parker, & Mark Jansen.

Others I hated right away include Megan Lowder, Josh Martinez, & Cody Nickson.

And then there are those I feel indifferent about or are easily forgotten including, well anyone I haven’t yet mentioned (see, told you they were easy to forget).

But, this is Big Brother and my feelings on the house guests change from episode to episode. I’m doubting my first impressions will last all season. Here’s to another fun summer watching random strangers backstab one another for cash & fame.