Reality Check!!!

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Oh, how much can change in a week!

I missed the Bachelorette finale Monday AND Tuesday.


No live Tweets either!

I started a RHONY recap … but have yet to watch part three.

And it’s been over a week … !!!

At this point, my DVR is fuller than my milk ducts. 


Because … 






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I’m not writing this to complain that my TV time has been taken away, or that I feel sorry for myself because it’s now breastfeeding over binge watching, or that I will never be able to post about the petty lives of celebrities again. Instead, I’m writing this in reflection (& celebration!!) of my first week as a new mom. Don’t worry, this won’t turn into a mommy blog, and I won’t gush on and on about truly amazing the motherhood experience has been (even though it’s the craziest, best thing I’ve ever done). But, what is it that Thomas Rhett sings? “Life chaaaaanges…” (Any country fans out there?)

I actually started this blog as a hobby to help distract me from the fact we were struggling to get pregnant. Now here we are; he’s here! My schedule doesn’t revolve around Bravo’s anymore, but rather, it revolves around 6 lbs of cuteness; my husband now discusses his favorite diaper brands, rather than the latest baseball scores. Nothing has been taken away though, only gained. I’m so blessed. And yes, I will still obsess over what a privileged, middle-aged woman said about her friends #guiltypleasure …. I just may not get to watch it or blog it as quickly or often as I used to.  And I’m perfectly okay with that!

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Plus, Twitter & IG will be stay quite active, so always check in there to see what’s new!

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For those missing the blog a bit, I added my notes (or what notes I had pre-labor) from the New York Reunion … see below!

“My lawyer always says anything can happen in a courtroom and anything can happen at a reunion …”

So much to unpack, but I’m glad you’re here!

Part 1:
-Dorinda vs. Lu

Before getting into the main topics of this first part of the reunion, I must say how fabulous all the ladies looked, even Lu with all her Claire accessories she was rocking (I can’t take credit for that joke; saw it on social media!). I thought each dress was unique to each housewife and the colors all went together well ….. unlike another city currently airing it’s reunion.

Okay so part one! The beginning of it focused quite a bit on Bethenny and everything she went through this season, from Dennis’s death to her own near death/allergy attack towards the end of the season. I don’t know if any of the other women on the couches would have been able to contain themselves or keep it as together this season as well as B did, despite everything she went through. Yes, I know she cracked under the pressure at dinner in Miami, but even then she was able to calm herself back down and be reasonable. As far as the reunion, I was happy she shared more into her relationship with Dennis and the dynamics of how it was so back and forth. I think gaining this much insight into what Bethenny went through this season will help viewers understand her feelings more toward Lu’s behavior that essentially will be discussed in further parts of the reunion.

Speaking of Lu, the remainder of the episode focused on Dorinda and Luann’s falling out stemming from last season’s “At least I didn’t get a mugshot!” drama and the Jovani of it all.

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“I don’t feel like you have any substance anymore.” 

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Even last season, I never really understood where this huuuuge fight between them started. Let’s try. So Dorinda was hurt last year when Luann said “Oh here we go” or something about having another drink while they were on vacation in Cartengena. Then Dorinda made her famous, “At least I don’t have a mugshot” comment. Next, came the fact that Dorinda got Luann all those cabaret dresses (plus supported her in other ways), only to have Luann uninvite John to the show (which got brought up at this reunion, but I just don’t have the patience to discuss; I mean did she or didn’t she? Those texts didn’t solve anything for me). So Dorinda heckled Luann (yes, what she did was heckling), they talked about each other in the press all summer, and that’s where this season picked up??

I guess my summary of it was Dorinda felt she supported Luann, yet Lu wasn’t grateful, and Luann didn’t feel supported by Dorinda. However, the two hugged it out at the reunion, so we’ll see if everything truly is dropped, despite the fact that Andy “dropped” Lu’s new song, “Jovani” right in Dorinda’s lap.

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Parts 2 & 3 (Notes):

  • If Tinsley only lives in New York during filing, she doesn’t deserve an apple.
  • Anyone even questioning if Ramona deserves another season is crazy. She deserves every season #millenniums
  • Lu is absolutely, 100% still drinking on the side.
  • Thank you Bravo for explaining Lu was in court a few days after the reunion; I was confused on the timeline.
  • Why are we judging Barbra for her tanner when Dorinda’s spray tan is 50 shades of too much?
  • The viewer question saying Lu’s show was the “spectacle of it all” …….. YAAAASSS!! 🤣🤣
  • “You weren’t disinvited!”
  • “You weren’t invited at all!”
  • “You’re the turnip!”
  • “That’s show business; They’re just jealous; This is the support I get?! Oh my god Lu, you’re an asshole”




Oh [Baby] Boy!

Where has My Hollywood Hangover been?

Today’s post is going to be a little different; no celeb gossip or housewife drama to discuss. Instead, we’re getting a little personal together, and I’m going to share a bit about myself and my family.  I’ve been slacking some on recaps and reviews, in fact, I haven’t really written anything in about a month. Instead I’ve been preparing my body and my home for …

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Our Story

My husband and I have been together for almost ten years and have been married for about five. We survived college together, we’ve lived in small, dingy apartments, we had the best wedding & bought our first home, and we have amazing family and friends; we’re so so blessed and feel like we’ve been through it all.


Two years ago, we decided we wanted to start a family. The timing was right, and we felt we had experienced everything we wanted to share together as a duo; this should be easy!

What was the movie where they discuss french kissing leading to… ? Oh yeah!

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Sidebar: If you haven’t see Now and Then, RUN, do not walk to find a copy of it. Pop culture CLASSIC!! (Hmmm, maybe it should be the next Movie of the Week?)

Anyway, that is not how it worked for us. In fact, in our first year of trying, we didn’t get pregnant. Nor did we our second year. Even though it’s becoming less of a taboo topic, no one likes to discuss infertility issues. Family members would ask, “When are we going to expect a little one?” or I would hear horror stories at my job or in the news of children being mistreated by their parents. In those cases I would think to myself, why are people gifted a child if they can’t properly care for one ? Shoot, we even passed a pregnant lady living on the street once, and my husband knew to move me to the other side of the road because he thought I’d get upset … which I did.

And look, it wasn’t her fault and anyone’s fault we were struggling. But the concept of being a woman unable to do what I felt at the time I was put on earth to do was extremely frustrating. Then came the comments of, “Well it will happen when it’s supposed to happen,” or “There is a plan for everyone.” For the people who make those comments, they don’t tend to help. #sorrynotsorry We ended up seeing a specialist and got all the regular tests done. We were told the good news was nothing was wrong (yay!), but the bad news was nothing was wrong (wait, what?), meaning it really would “happen when it’s supposed to happen.”

In November of last year, the hubs and I decided we would try intrauterine insemination, or IUI as it’s known. (Look it up for a more medical definition if that’s your thing). We had all our ducks in a row to start the process, and found out …. we didn’t have to do it! The month we were to try IUI, we ended up getting pregnant!

I have no idea if the stress was lifted because we knew we would be trying a medical intervention, or maybe it just was “the right time” as everyone kept saying. Whatever the case, our miracle baby was conceived, and we knew the next nine months were about to get cray.

My Pregnancy Journey

I wake up (multiple times actually, to pee) everyday and can’t believe this is happening to us. I look in the mirror and don’t think my growing belly is real. I haven’t fully grasped the concept of how drastically my life will change or that a new person, who is half of me, will soon be moving in and not leaving anytime soon. My mind has yet to wrap around it all and may not until he’s here.

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KIDDING, KIDDING, KIDDING! But for real, pregnancy is hard ya’ll. Women are warriors, in case you needed that reminder. And, I’ve even had a fairly smooth journey. While I definitely got nauseous, I never actually had true morning sickness. My feet didn’t swell, and the little guy measured perfectly at every checkup.


At the same time, no one really tells you how difficult the journey can be. Here you are, growing a human inside of you. Happy hour with the girls or a few glasses of wine during housewives? Gone. No one tells you that with every toss & turn during sleep, there is pain. No one tells you the amount of pressure you’ll feel, and I don’t even mean the physical pressure of tiny feet pushing on your ribs. How much you work out or the amount of water you drink, or literally anything you eat, can positively or negatively affect the baby (& according to Google it’s probably both).  While it’s an absolute joy to feel your baby move inside of you, every day is scary as hell, and in a way I can’t fully explain, you feel like you’re not 100% you anymore.

I don’t mean to say I’m not excited, thrilled, over the freaking MOON to become a mom, but I think it’s okay for women to admit that pregnancy can be really really hard too.

Four Weeks Left

I should be filling my time writing on here, instead of researching birthing stories and falling down into rabbit holes of what could possibly go wrong. But, don’t we all run to the internet, at times we know we shouldn’t, and read articles that make us worry more? I’m trying to do better.

I don’t know what the future holds for my little internet blog; it has been the best two years with this simple hobby of mine. I’ve met many amazing people though the social media accounts linked to this, and have really enjoyed being able to express myself. I plan to continue to write, but I guess we’ll just have to see if the little guy allows for it.


To all the moms out there who have the hardest job on the planet, whether on your own (which I have NO IDEA how you do it) or with a full support team, please remember: moms are real life superheroes the world sometimes forgets exist.

To those with their own sweet babies growing in their bellies: yay you! You’re going to be an incredible mother! I recommend taking classes and learning all you can about the amazing changes your body is going through and will go through. Good luck on your journey!

To those struggling to get pregnant: you are not alone! Research support groups in your area, or find one online. I would say, “Stay positive” but that can be immensely difficult to hear. It’s okay to get angry or discouraged, yell, scream, drink too much wine one night, and be disappointed. Talk to someone and share your feelings; do not keep it all bottled inside. And, don’t give up. It’s not an “if” for you, but a “when.”

To my sweet boy: I can’t wait to meet you and watch you grow, terrified as I am. I hope you love playing sports with your daddy and love watching movies with your mamma. Big things are in store for us all!

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