“And the actor goes to …” 2018 Screen Actors Guild Awards Recap (Pocket-Sized)

“We are living in a watershed moment in time and as we march forward with active momentum and open ears, let’s make sure we are leading the charge with empathy and diligence, because fear and anger never win the race.” — Kristen Bell, 2018 SAG Awards Host

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Ahh yes, another award show where actors toot their own horns by giving awards out to one another. However, here I am watching, but if I must watch, then I must critique! Don’t worry though, my critiques won’t be too tiresome; this is only a small batch, pocket-sized post! First up is Kristen Bell. She’s quoted above because she hosted the award show and was actually the show’s first ever host.  I just love love love love, love her so much. For all her great moments from the show, click here!

What I Learned

The thing I like most about the SAG Awards is it’s actors recognizing and awarding actors, which has to be a huge compliment right? I can only imagine if I went to an award ceremony for teachers, with the awards being presented by fellow teachers. That would have to be an extremely large pill to swallow because teachers do not like to credit other teachers (not all, some, okay most, hopefully I’m not offending all my teacher readers right now; please don’t leave). But it’s easier, probably in any profession, to celebrate one’s own acheivements, rather than recognize others.

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“My students scored this score on the state test” or “Look at this wonderful email a parent sent me telling me what a great job I do.” I’m sure actors are the same: “My movie made this much money” or “Look at the great review my movie received.” So, I would imagine winning an SAG Award is a big deal because people who usually want to brag on themselves this time want to brag on you!

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Shout out to some of my favs on winning: This Is Us, Sterling K. Brown, Claire Foy, and Nicole Kidman!

What I Loved

Mother, freaking, girl power. I knew that Bell being the first ever host as a woman was a huge deal, and I knew the show was branded as “female-powered.” But, it wasn’t until the next day I realized, “Oh wow, only females presented!” It was really awesome to see; read more here!

What I Remembered

Still disappointed in myself as I have yet to see any of the films nominated this awards season; I’m such a failure.

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I guess the “let’s all wear black” protest was over because there were many hues to found on the SAG red carpet. My picks for best dressed went to Kristen Bell (her red carpet look; she had quite a few wardrobe changes as host’s normally do, but actually looked amazing in all of them!), Nicole Kidman, Samara Weaving, and Yara Shahidi (pantsuit with a train for the WIN!)

Image-1 (1).png

My favorite looks of the night!



I really hate to have a worst dressed list because I get it, “fashion is art” and shit but low and behold here they are. Millie, you may be thirteen, but you can’t wear your Chucks to an award show; sorry, you can’t. I don’t even have to explain why I hate Kate’s dress, I mean you have eyes right? Same with Kate Nash. Maybe it was an off night for girls named Kate. Ugh, and Lupita almost made my list for best dressed until the camera panned down to the bottom of her dress. #nope (Her body looked sick though!)


Sorry ladies, not my favorite.

Lastly, why was Morgan Freeman wearing a hat?!

Moving Forward.

We have Oscar nominations tomorrow and the Grammys on Sunday! I love awards season!

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“You’re Being Obtuse!” Vanderpump Rules Recap: 6×6

This season is too good!

If you are someone I see or text on a regular basis (cough, Becky, Alyssa, Kristin, Cindy) and you ARE NOT watching season 6 of Vanderpump Rules, GO BINGE IT NOW! FIND A WAY! I don’t even care if you know nothing about seasons 1-5 … I’ll fill you in! Even if I don’t talk to you regularly, go binge this season if you aren’t already watching!

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Now, if you are currently watching this season (Mack, Stephanie, Joleen & Xchel) or just follow my blog in general … keep living the good life!

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Okay so this episode starts at Jax and Brittany’s housewarming party (EYE ROLL!), right after Brittany heard the recording Faith made of Jax. Here is what we learned from the recording according to the girls, because I think legally we as viewers can’t listen to it:

  • Jax doesn’t want kids with Brittany
  • He doesn’t want to marry her
  • They haven’t been intimate in months
  • He’s not attracted to her
  • Faith was the best sex Jax had ever had


The same night the episode of Brittany hearing the recording, crying her eyes out, and cursing until her face is red aired, was the same night she was on WWHL with Andy. Andy asked her about a ring Jax had been seen wearing on his left ring finger and Brittany said she thinks Jax is getting the marriage itch. OMG it’s so sickening to me that she’s still with him!

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I want to support Brittany (I really really really do) because I love her so much, but after the recording and the way he talks to her later in the episode, I just can’t feel bad for her anymore if she’s still with him.

Speaking of support, I LOVE how much the girls rally behind Brittany. First of all Lala Kent needs to be the voice and face of women’s rights … like can we re-brand Rosie the Riveter, but with Lala’s picture on it?

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She’s having a great season. Ariana is also having a good season, despite what Sandoval says. While I agree that it wasn’t the best time to play the recording at 1am while everyone was wasted, Ariana and Lala were probs wasted too (and everything sounds like a good idea when you’re wasted). So step off Tom because Brittany needed to hear the recording and any other time, maybe the girls wouldn’t have had the courage to play it for her.

Second, when all the guys left the apartment, how funny was Ariana when she was all “it’s fine; we have all the artichoke dip and jello shots!” Finally, who is the last person Ariana would take with her to go confront TomTom & Jax … KRISTEN! Yet, there they go together down the hall. In fact, while on Watch What Happens Live with Britt, Ariana said her and Kristen are in some sort of cool/good place!

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Guess who else is having an amazing season?! Mr. James Kennedy himself! First off, him meeting with Lisa after the party was THE BEST scene from the whole episode!

The moment of him throwing his hands up in the air when describing Brittany, but also his making (& naming) of his DJ fliers & the passing out of them … I just cant even! So funny! I put the actual loop of “Whhhhhhhy!!” (or gif if you will) on twitter and James actually retweeted it, so you can find it there. But he’s killing it this season even further back from drinking absinthe with Jax, to bringing the toilet paper cake, to drinks with the guys and his judgey mcjudge face (that we were all making at home), to his successful DJ scenes this episode with only a Shirley Temple in his system! Proud of you James!


Next week though, it looks like James gets into it with Lala over James’s girlfriend, Raquel. Also next week, Mama Cartwright (Brittany’s mom) makes a surprise visit, much to the dismay of Jax by the looks of it. But honestly, until he can stop twisting everything around on Brittany, Brittany needs all the reinforcements she can get!

For now …

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See you soon! 

Pocket-Sized Post: The Bachelor 22×3

As Chris Harrison said, “Time is precious” so I won’t waste your time today; this is a pocket-sized post: Bachelor edition.

As the episode started, there were 18 women, but I only have five points to make.

1. Tia over Bekah

Image result for the bachelor season tiaSo in the beginning I thought Tia was just there to be the next Raven and wasn’t genuine, but you know who I did think was so awesome and so genuine? Bekah. But, WHAT was I thinking?! I literally did a 180 on this thought based off the wrestling date (more about the wresting below).

I would have COMPLETELY acted like Tia did on that date: getting upset, not taking those dumb@$$, washed up, 1980’s wrestler ladies seriously, and awkwardly smiling the whole time, only to get scolded for it. In the end, Tia was a good sport about it because that’s really the only thing you can do in the situation. I’m so sorry Tia I misjudged you.



Now, Bekah. Ehck! I get she’s trying to be the “confident because I know who I am” type. Girl, you’re 22! You have no idea who you are, no matter how cool and hipster and trendy and old soul you try to be. OH! And what about her comment that Arie knows she doesn’t need him; WHAT! Oh stop with your pixie cut, I know Arie really likes me, confidence. So over you.


2. Lauren S for Bachelorette

Image result for lauren bachelor season 22I think since we saw her pack her suitcase before the date, we knew she was going home. However, I loved her! She’s so beautiful! Plus she wore tennis shoes with that gorg red dress at the winery; how many girls would have worn skinny heels instead? I feel like Lauren S. knows herself, is mature, and is honest. I think she knows herself so well, she knew it wouldn’t work with Arie. This led to her not being herself on the date, and then led to her leaving. What I think now is we should all rally to get her as the next Bachelorette!

3. Dog Date over Wrestling. Obviously. 

Seriously can you think of something worse to do than that wrestling date? The G.L.O.W. ladies were horrible to the Bach girls! Even Arie wasn’t down for the wrestling date, so WHY make the girls do it?! The only good part was we got to see Kenny for a short period; missed him!

4. UGH Anneliese.


If Anneliese doesn’t have a therapist, she’ll definitely need one after that kiss rejection: “We aren’t just there yet.” (And he didn’t mean yet; he meant never!)

5. Bibiana is a queen!

First, her mom gets dissed by those awful wrestling ladies (I really do not like them!). Then at the cocktail party, her setup got stolen by Arie; I mean let’s be honest, he took quite a few different women to that daybed and presented it almost as if he came up with it himself! THEN WE DIDN’T EVEN GET TO SEE THEM AT THE PARTY TOGETHER!  Finally, she was the only one sent home out OF 17 PEOPLE! When Bibiana left she said, “I deserve real love!” Remember girl, we all love you! At least we’ll be getting more Bibiana in February for the Bachelor  Winter Games!!

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Until next time… download

Jackie Kennedy Trash Talks & Princess Margaret Weds Filth: The Crown Season 2

Why are more people not talking about this show? 

And when talking about the show, one must use the phrase “one” and then a verb because that’s how Elizabeth talks and one must keep it classy here at MHH!

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I mean honestly, if more of you knew the tea spilled in this show about a real life Royal family, the sound of jaws hitting the floor would be deafening.  Here is a tiny list: Elizabeth & Philip’s shaky marriage, Elizabeth’s uncle’s (the former king) suspicious relationship with Hitler, the former Prime Minister’s serious drug problem, and the many partners of Princess Margaret’s husband. Not to mention the horrible things Jackie Kennedy said about the Queen!

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Now, one is also a 29 year old basic B, who drinks wine while watching the show for entertainment purposes, not a history lesson. While one may have googled each episode to see what was actually true and what wasn’t, please keep in mind during this post, I’ll probs spout fallacies (shout out to Jackie O & GWNJ for that new catch phrase!). Again, remember as you read, one is not a freaking historian.

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The first thing one must comment on about the show is how beautiful each scene is. Seriously one would love to spend the night in the palace, but more so than that, one would love to just be transported back to London in the 1950’s. But one is not here to discuss beauty, one is here to spill tea (ah! Tea! England; just realized! I looooove it!!), so let’s begin!

Did you know…

Elizabeth & Philip didn’t have the strongest of marriages.

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Philip felt second fiddle to Elizabeth so in the first few episodes of the season, he’s sent off to travel the world and visit countries in the name of England. Add in a ballerina and a horrible private secretary (I think one calls them assistants in America) and one is left to wonder if Philip and Elizabeth will make it out together at the end of the season. Never fear though; it all comes to a head in the season finale.

Princess Margaret married a … ahem … ummm … well … a cheat.

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After Margaret’s heartbreak in the first season, one can’t imagine it getting much worse for her. But then Marg marries this horrible photographer who … how do I say this … has a wandering eye (and acts on it). One doesn’t even know why he decides to marry Margaret (to please his mother?) because, to quote the show, “the narrow path is not to his taste.” (seriously, he sleeps with a married couple, as in BOTH people!)

Image result for princess margaret and antony armstrong-jones

One researched this heavily and a majority of it’s true! Not only that, but Marg and Tony had two children together, fought constantly, stepped outside their marriage (actually I’m not fully sure Margaret did), and sadly (well maybe not sadly) got divorced. One thought this would be the only scandalously event during the time for the family; one would be wrong. Ugh, and POOR MARGARET after the whole Peter Townsend disaster.

Prime Minister Eden (who followed Churchill) had a drug problem & embarrassed the country.

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Ah yes, you see Prime Minister Eden there from the show, so high he passed out (this scene actually ends the final episode of the first season if one remembers correctly). One understands that drugs during this time were not administered in the same way they are today, plus doctors weren’t fully aware of the effects (especially addictive effects) those drugs could have. So I guess Eden gets a pass for being an addict …? However, he does not get a pass on the Suez Crisis. Google it.

Elizabeth’s uncle Edward VIII, who abdicated the throne, may also have conspired with Hitler.

Image result for king edward gif the crown

Edward just caused mad drama for this family. He abdicated (or gave up) the role as king in order to marry some crazy American (they couldn’t marry because she was a divorcee; the scandal!!). THEN it comes out later in the season Edward had met with Hitler and exchanged letters with Nazi soldiers. The show even displays pictures of this at the end of the episode (2×6). If you don’t believe me, again, I say, google it.


Jackie Kennedy and Queen Elizabeth had a Real Housewife moment.

Image result for jackie kennedy and the queen the crown

So this interaction is a little more wishy-washy when trying to find the truth in it. Yes, Jackie & Jack came to Buckingham Palace for dinner. Yes, Jackie returned for another visit several months later. Did the Queen give Jackie a personal tour o f the palace? IDK. Did they cuddle puppies together? IDK. Did Jackie shade the Queen? IDK. Did Jackie return to apologize because of that shade? IDK. Did Jackie admit her and Jack did drugs together?!?!?!?!?!?!? I kind of hope so because that. would. be. nuts! Listen, scandal followed the Kennedys their whole public lives, and as one is learning, it followed the Windsors as well, so clearly there had to be some sort of drama when the two families met.

Prince Philip had a horrible childhood and may have taken it out on Charles.

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First, one must admit how much of a pansy Charles was and how much he still sucks as a person. Which probs let Philip to be so hard on him; Charles just sucked at life and Philip wanted him to be better.

Prince Philip obviously wanted better for himself too: he attending this awful school, his closest sister was married to a Nazi, and then she died in a plane crash, leaving Philip to march behind her casket, in Germany, surrounded by Hitler loyalists. Whether or not Philip built an entire stone wall at school by himself after his sister’s death is true (2×9 — a very emotional scene), one comes to understand why Philip wanted his own son (Charles) to be tough.

But, one thinks Charles just had too big of ears and was doomed to be an awful person not matter what Philip tried to instill in him.


Well, here is the end of your history lesson for today. Next up to watch is a documentary titled The Royal House of Windsor, that one assumes would explain truth behind the family, history, and events The Crown has presented. So maybe some of the tea split today will later be found out untrue, but it’s much more fun believing the award winning show, right?

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Pocket-Sized Post: T. Swift Endgame Video

Endgame by Taylor Swift feat. Future & Ed Sheeran

Welcome to the first “Pocket-Sized Post” on My Hollywood Hangover! Basically this just means I’m too lazy to write a drawn out post regarding my topic, and let’s be honest, some of you aren’t here to read a full post either.

On the first small batch edition, we’ll be discussing Taylor’s new video. “Endgame” was initially my favorite song on Reputation so I was totes excited for the new video. (For more thoughts on the album click here: …Ready For It? Reputation Review)! From Miami, to Tokyo, to London, here are a few things I learned from the video:

Taylor drinks now.

Image result for endgame music video

I get it; she’s 28 and MORE than old enough to have a few drinks. Plus she mentions drinking and whisky on the new album. But, won’t she always seem like the sweet, young, innocent Taylor to us all? But the video does seem like she’s shoving the fact that she enjoys a cocktail down our throats, like “Heeeey! Look at me! I’m all grown up!”

At the same time, she’s almost 30, so do you girl!

Katy Perry was not there.

But was totes rumored to be in the video, right … to prove they mended things? Did I just not catch her? If reports come out later that Katy is in the video, just hidden somewhere I’ll be pissed because I was searching hard for her.

Taylor wears a nude lip.

Yet she’s wearing it AT THE EXACT MOMENT THE SONG IS QUOTING “the proof from [her] red lips.”

Image result for endgame music video

She rocks many different hair styles.

See above gif. LOVE LOVE LOVE the straightened, deep part, look. And as always, Taylor looks awesome with her hair styled any way … except when it looks drowned … as in her scenes with Future.

Overall … I liked it.

Image result for endgame music video

Keep giving us something to talk about Taylor girl!

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Tokyo & Drunk Dorit

“Everyone’s been nice …”

“Well isn’t that boring.”

Is this my first post about the Beverly Hills Housewives?! I went to check and it’s true! MHH has only covered New York, Dallas, & Orange County. Yay! I’m so excited to discuss Beverly Hills! Let’s dive in!

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So Tuesday’s episode, “Lights Out!” could basically be broken down into two parts: Rinna & Erika Jayne’s Tokyo trip, and Dorit’s diva moments, with Teddi’s stupid hike in the middle … (pause for a small rant)

Image result for teddi mellencamp working out Tell me one more time Teddi how skinny & muscular you are, plus how great your husband & kids are, and finally how wonderful your life is! AND! You’re going on and on about how you’re such a great mom for getting your kids out to be active?  They weren’t even active; you two pushed them in the stroller! UGH!

Image result for whatever im getting cheese fries gif

Okay back to the episode. As I mentioned, there were basically two main parts to the episode, and that’s what will be covered here. First up, Rinna and Erika Jayne flying to Tokyo to follow Amelia & Delilah Hamlin’s modeling jobs.

Image result for amelia and delilah

Honestly, I could give two shits about Rinna & EJ having a friendship; in fact, I am not here for it. I do not want EJ to support Rinna or be her friend. I feel like Rinna just wants to be on an EJ level … remember that yacht dance?!

Image result for lisa rinna yatch dance Gahhhh, the thirst is real if you are Rinna. She’s not only thirsty to be Erika Jayne, but she literally wants to be the next Kris Jenner (Kardashian? Someone look up what her current last name is please) … Rinna dropped two or three Kardashian references in the episode. Oh, and THEN Rinna says that “Women supporting women” comment, like she’s all about that life. Did. anyone. catch. her. trash. talking. the. ladies. while. recapping. season. one?!

Image result for the lies kandi gif LVP was on Watch What Happens Live this week and basically said that nice nice Rinna is not here to stay. Shocker. OH!! And what about her daughter’s comments regarding the Rinnavation book?!  Dis. Gust. Ing! I’m not even going to get into it because it’s so awkwardly disturbing.  You can read about it here.

Image result for lisa rinna confessional

If there is one saving grace to Rinna, it’s that she knows how ridiculous she is (which tells me everything she does is intentional but I guess that could be debated). Rinna changed her Twitter profile picture to the cover of the bj book. In conclusion to it all, Erika Jayne, I just wish for you to be close friends with someone other than Rinna. She’s such a thirsty fame monster who will ride your coattails as hard as she can. But let’s move on. As mentioned above the second half of the episode was centered around Dorit’s diva behavior, starting with a photo shoot at LVP’s house.

Image result for dorit photo shoot

I was a little confused as to why Dorit became so flustered at the shoot … was it really because she didn’t want to use the magazine’s hair and makeup people? If so, such a bad bad look on you Dorit, especially when I and many others were enjoying you this season.

Image result for we were all rooting for you I get not liking photos of yourself; we’ve all been there, but just deal with it. It may not have been the best for you, but if Lisa and everyone else involved in the magazine liked it, deal girl.

Dorit kept the crazy going at Kyle’s dinner party. I think the power going out right before the party was a bad omen. Dorit couldn’t hold her tongue (at the party or in her confessionals) as to how hot it was and how she would suffer. But in any uncomfortable situation at a party do what we all do … drink! And drink Dorit did.

rhobh-recap-lights-out-dorit-kemsley On the show she’s seen drinking wine, but on WWHL, Vanderpump mentioned Dorit drinking quite a bit of tequila too. Dorit went after Camille (confused again; why go after sweet Camille?). We try to keep it PG (okay, PG-13 at best) here at MHH so for specifics as to what Dorit said click the link. Even PK had to shush her, as did Mauricio.

I first thought the Dorit thing was going to be some big blow-up fight instead of her just getting schwasted. While it was highly inappropriate, many other housewives have been on that level.

Image result for drunk brandi glanville on housewives

Image result for drunk dorinda medley

tamra-barney-season-8-e1388734461451Image result for drunk gretchen rossi gif

Image result for luann falls in bush

Welcome to the club Dorit; just do better next time!

The Hills are alive this season! 


75 Years of the Golden Globes!!

Before reading, please go check out the updated About Me Page — it’s SO 2018!

You. Guys. The Golden Globe Awards were basically the inspiration behind MHH. Okay, the Golden Globe Awards AND housewife reunions, but what I mean in this is I LIVE for the award show! It’s my very favorite time of the year and why wouldn’t it be the best award show? Not only do these awards support BOTH film and television, but the GG aren’t as stuffy as the Oscars but not as eccentric as the Grammys. PLUS, all the celebrities get endless bottles of champagne.

Image result for golden globes drunk gif
Image result for golden globes drunk gif
Image result for golden globes drunk gif

First, the Awards:

Best Actor TV Drama:
Sterling K. Brown! His role as Randall is not only one of my favorites, Sterling is one of my favorites simply as a person. Seriously look up any interview he’s done; he’s a great human!

Best TV Series Drama:
I watch four out of five of these shows. Yet, the award goes to the one show I don’t watch. (roll eye emoji) I knoooow the premise of The Handmaid’s Tale is important in this time in our world and is also entertaining, but why couldn’t one of the other four win?

Best Actor & Best Actress Drama:
Gary Oldman and Frances McDormand winning these awards makes me want to see these two films that. much. more!

At the end of the day, congratulations goes out to ALL the winners!!

Second, the Flims:

I haven’t seen one movie nominated this year (I know, very unlike me); it’s probably because I watch so much television. However, my goal for the next two months is to see all the films nominated. I did want to just quickly comment on them based off the short clips shown on the Golden Globes.

Image result for films nominated for golden globes 2018
The Greatest Showman — I love musicals and I loved Hugh Jackman in Les Mis! Jackie and Claudia Oshry (my Morning Breath girls) say you HAVE to see this film!
The Post: — I love Hanks, Streep, & Spielberg, plus a good historical drama. I really want to see this film.
The Disaster Artist — So this is a true story? Wow this looks like the craziest role I’ve seen of Franco. I’m so intrigued by this; need to see.
The Shape of Water — My first thought, weeks back, on this film was, “Too weird!” But I’m intrigued seeing as it’s set in the past, plus is giving me major Stranger Things vibes.
Dunkirk — I originally wanted to see this for the same reason I’m sure you wanted to: Harry Styles. But, as I mentioned above, I enjoy historical films so yes I’ll be watching this.
Get Out — Oh, I guess I did see one nominated film and this is it! Get Out is so so so so so so complex, intriguing, thrilling, shocking, and good!
Lady Bird — One of my good friends can not say enough good things about this movie, so okay, T … I’ll check it out just for you!
Call Me By Your Name — Literally have never heard of this movie. Have you?
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri — Intriguing. Want to see.

Third, the Fashion:

Unless you were living under a rock watching the Golden Globes, you should have noticed all the black on the Red Carpet. This was part of the Time’s Up Movement and I thought it was really cool that Hollywood came together for it in the way they did.

Image result for golden globes 2018 red carpet

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake got my vote for Best Dressed Couple (& no it’s not just because I’m obsessed with the both of them). The interviews they gave on the Red Carpet were so amazingly supportive of one another; they should be an inspiration to all Hollywood couples!

Image result for justin timberlake and jessica biel 2018 golden globes

Viola Davis’s hair and necklace!


Overall, my favorite fashion moments go to Kerry Washington, Margot Robbie, Claire Foy, and Catherine Zeta-Jones

And finally, Final Thoughts:

  • “When my cheek is against yours everything else melts away and that is love” — Nicole to Keith; so sweet!
  • Allison Jennings recognizing Tonya Harding; so awkward (Tonha plotted to break her opponent’s knees!)
  • James Franco pushing Tommy Wiseau out of the way while giving his speech; so funny!
  • Almost every acceptance speech; so typical (ahem ahem preachy)!
  • Halle Berry’s long hair; so not here for it!
  • Oprah; I so miss her show! It was my favorite thing to watch everyday after school!
  • Oprah 2020!!!!
  • “It’s taken 25 years, give me a minute!” Yasss Guillermo del Toro!!
  • Looks like I really need to see Lady Bird!
  • Barbra for VP in 2020!

Once again, it was fun watching and tweeting the Globes. But this year, MHH was here to spread the Golden Globe love further! I’m off to watch some films before The Oscars! Until next time!

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The Bachelor: First Impressions

On the first day of the new year, the first episode of the new season of The Bachelor premiered. I’m here on my fifty-first post to bring my first impressions of Arie, the girls, & more.

Image result for arie gif

First Impressions of Arie

So, I’m already a bit salty with Arie because he posted a not very nice video of Mariah Carey during her New Year’s performance. He has since taken it down. I’m not going to divulge more of it, and maybe he didn’t mean to be rude, but I’m watching you now Arie… and also because you are the not silver fox I was hoping for …

Image result for bachelorette peter kraus gif

Moving on to the episode. I thought Arie was a bit awkward in his conversations: “What excites you in life?” 

Image result for umm gif

I too, Arie, can’t find just the right words when describing you. Sometimes I thought he seemed judgey towards the girls or had some sort of an entitlement vibe going on. However, I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and go with he was nervous, he couldn’t quite find the right things to say, or maybe the girls really weren’t that interesting so Arie was left unsure how to respond to them. For the season Arie, I have just one request: please don’t make me dislike you. Ahem …

Image result for nick viall gif

First Impressions of the Girls

So. Many. Thoughts. on the women. And, for a bit I felt bad for judging them because I wanted to be all “girl power” and shit. But then I realized these girls go on this show to be judged by not only Arie but America, so I no longer felt bad about it.  Plus, these girls seem totes shady this season.

Image result for shade gif

I was going to start this with the girls I really liked, but let’s be honest I need to just start with the girls I remembered. First on that list is Tia, mainly because she knows Raven and was tweeting with Kaitlyn Bristowe during the premier. I feel a bit like maybe she’s not that close with Raven, but wants the world to think she is…? I did some research and found Tia has multiple pictures on her IG profile of her and Raven, where as sweet Raven’s IG only has pics with Tia that other girls are in as well. #groupshot. Or maybe not. I like a good conspiracy.  But, the little weiner comment? Come on!

@Bach_ShitCray: “Raven/Tia is like when a soap opera replaces a character with a different actress and expects you not to notice.”

Second most memorable girl was Chelsea, the single mom and queen of shade. Is she going to be marked the villain this season? In one of her interviews she started it with, “At the end of the day I’m not a mean person …” which is the equivalent of “No offense but …”  PLUS! She stole Arie twice during the cocktail party, went in for a kiss night one, AND got the first impression rose. I think she’ll def be around for a while to stir the pot.

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I really liked Bekah (short hair, known as Peter Pan on Twitter, nanny, drove up in the Mustang), mainly for her quirky style, however the not telling us her age bit is getting annoying, **(Twitter Spoiler: she’s 22!)** and she seems like she may bring some drama as well.  I also really liked Krystal (online health and fitness coach, gorg, soft voice) because of her look and intro, but when she made Arie put his hand on his chest and deep breathe/manta chant with her … kind of weird. Last, I really liked the girl who gave Arie the elephant cufflinks (Sienne?) and the girl who drew him the picture (pink dress, although she may have gone home??).

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Overall First Thoughts


I mean, Dana Schwartz is not wrong. When I think back to the premier, I’m not sure what I’m wanting from this season just yet. Romance? Sure. Drama? Of course. I guess it may be too early to judge Arie, the girls, and this season. But to make it fun along the way, drink every time there is a racing pun!

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