“OPPOSITE SIDES OF THE HOUSE!” Big Brother Recap: POV & Eviction

Holy Big Brother!


First off, can we just applaud me for writing a review the day after a show actually aired? #Holla! Second, it’s my birthday today so #doubleHolla!! With that being said, (spoiler!) Josh won HOH & I seriously have zero motivation to write this post; I literally want to throw my computer across the room; should I boycott CBS all week; should I start a boycott CBS hashtag? Okay, okay fine. I’m going to try really hard to get through this post without…


So, Wednesday night.  We begin with the end of the nomination ceremony and Jess is P.I.S.S.E.D! But, I don’t really feel bad for her because if she would have just told Paul what exactly the Hex was, I seriously don’t think he would have put her and Cody up.


I feel like a majority of this episode was dedicated to Jess and Cody breaking up. I understand how Jessica wouldn’t want Cody to be a hothead in the real world, but when he bared his soul to her? I quote: “This is why I don’t have any friends, or a girlfriend, and why I’m not close with my family.” Okay, I don’t think that was precisely what he said, but it was the most real he’s been all season.

(Oh, just realized I forgot to bring up the Mark/Josh fight; seriously so. much. happened. these two episodes how am I to cover it all? I’m on your side Mark; we’d all pop off if someone was banging pots in our face; we just couldn’t look as cute doing it in a tutu as you; also, WTF Elena? Defend your man! She sucks)


So yeah, Jessica & Cody are fight, Josh & Mark are fighting, and Paul is sitting back controlling it all. I literally went from liking Paul to despising him in less than a week. #puppetmaster


Last thing I’ll say about Wednesday’s episode is that the weatherman competition is ONE OF MY FAVORITES (so funny!)! Also, Paul won (boo).

Eviction Night:

Okay, so I heard BB had gotten crazy and that it would play out for us last night, but Holy. Cow! First up, shout out to Julie in her pineapple dress!


Okay, Jessica why are you believing Paul that Cody said we wanted to keep Alex & Jason so they would eventually get you out? Oh, because Cody did say that (roll that footage!); oh no. So she’s trying to cut a deal and Paul is going around telling everyone what it is.


Whatever, doesn’t matter because Paul uses the POV on Jason, which Jason then discusses with Kevin and Raven when Jess walks in. She sees Jason do the “timeout” symbol and Jessica loses it on Raven.


I thought Jessica was just being super paranoid so I had to rewind and yes, Jason did tell them to stop talking because Jess entered. Insue FIGHTING! Ugh, first it’s Raven and Jessica and then something about hiding cat ears? Really ladies? Then, Paul tells Josh to “turn it up to 30” meaning Josh’s harassment of #Jody and Paul now seems to be rallying everyone in on this taunt session. I’m over it. At least Matt and Mark are not down for this, as they said in the diary room.

Yet, NO ONE stops this outlandish behavior!!! 

I don’t even care if you like Jessica or Cody, at least tell your housemates enough is enough; everyone (Jess & Cody) included is in the wrong here, has done wrong before, and now looks like a child. Josh and Paul are straight up going after Jessica & Cody just to do it; no reasons why.

I’m honestly not here for anyone in the game at this point. Well, maybe Kevin. But even he didn’t put his dad hat on to stop the madness. No one is really loyal to anyone (even Jessica was going to go against Cody), Paul is basically controlling everyone, and the insults in the house are now personal and mean. They are all the blame and CBS should be ashamed.

I really don’t want to watch at all next week because I don’t think I can make it through Josh’s reign of HOH terror. This game was royally screwed when it brought back Paul and literally handed him three weeks of safety. Think about it: we wouldn’t have the house so against two people and one person wouldn’t be mind controlling everyone else!

I have a lot to think about in regards to if I want to continue watching, but for now all my feels say …

gur bye.jpg


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