“I’ve Brought Fire & Ice Together” GOT 7×3 Recap

“Am I your prisoner?” 

“Not yet.”


We are three episodes in on Season 7 and I’m four days behind, BUT I still have plenty of emotions regarding this week’s episode so let’s begin!

We welcome the Bastard of Winterfell to Dragonstone where he’s greeted by his friend, the Dwarf of Casterly Rock (their words, not mine). I was giddy, thrilled, overjoyed, and so happy these characters were all in the same scene. I loved seeing Jon’s reaction to a dragon–“I’d say you get used to them, but you never do.” It also brought me great joy to see the stupid red haired lady admit defeat her in actions in, oh I don’t know, BURNING A CHILD ALIVE! Also, who wasn’t dying inside when Dany had that looooooong, drawwwwwwwn out introduction of 500 titles, and all Davos could muster was, “Jon Snow: King of the North”

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But, wait, we don’t leave Jon and Dany just yet (I mean really, someone please google how long this scene actually was!); they continue talking and in my opinion, Dany became a bitch wanting Jon to “bend a knee” and all. It’s like, your father did this to my uncle’s cousin and then your half step sister wanted me killed … I mean freaking let bygones be bygones and LOOK TO THE FUTURE!

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Two quick questions (with two possible answers…): 1) Why didn’t Jon want Davos to mention Jon being brought back from the dead? Is it because with all the White Walker/Night King talk everyone would DEF think JS was cray? 2) Who pulled Theon out of the water? Should I know this person? Was it just someone from Theon’s fleet?

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slightly confused

Cut to King’s Landing where the Greyjoy uncle (what is his name exactly? At the same time, I have so much hatred for him I don’t care to know his name) is welcomed back. A question myself & @JackieOProblems had was why are all these people throwing food at the prisoners if they’re being starved in KL? This scene also reminded me how hard it can be to see people you don’t absolutely hate being treated harshly (I’m talking about Theon’s sister, not the Sand Snakes –is the mom considered a Sand Snake?).

I literally feel like it’s cringe moment after cringe moment during this scene, from the gross way the uncle talks about Cersei, to the HARSH way Cersei is killing the Sand Snake daughter (& Cersei’s super cringey hot pink lipstick), to having the mother live the remainder of her life with her daughter’s corpse, to the incest of Cersei and Jamie (ugh Jamie, YOU CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER!)

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cover my eyes

Guys, Tyrion Lannister is. my. favorite. character! I love his conversation with Jon about how no one would believe Jon regarding the White Walkers or agree to come help the North fight the Night King, but the least Tyrion could offer is to help Jon mine Dragon Glass. Then, Tyrion’s great again when he discusses this with Daenerys and mentions something about “A wise or great man once said …” and her response was something about, “Well wasn’t it you who said that?” (I know these aren’t direct quotes, but you get what I’m saying). Also, Dany and Jon talk again; it doesn’t go as horribly as before!

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Sansa is being a kick-ass B in the North barking orders to prepare for winter and any other dangers cast upon Winterfell. Little Finger is being all weird and growly giving some crazy speech about knowing and seeing all; things coming full circle, blah blah. Then, Bran shows up, which I guess coincides with everything Little Finger was saying, but I don’t think Littlefinger meant it that way? IDK, maybe he did; I kind of start to drift out when he speaks because I loathe him so much.

Also, my annoyance for Bran just grew even more here: like, hug your freaking sister! Stop being all, “I talk in code about how I’m the Three-eyed Raven, but no one really knows what that means except me and I also caused one of the greatest characters, Hodor, to lose his speech AND die!”

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slightly annoyed

Next I thought of this weird equation: Sam was saved by Jorah’s father at the Wall, where Sam knew Jon Snow, and now Jon Snow is currently with Dany, who Sir Jorah loves and when Jorah eventually meets up with Dany, he’ll say he was cured by Sam who is Jon Snow’s best friend. Also, JORAH IS (seems to be) CURED AND SAM DIDN’T GET IN TROUBLE! 

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Dat ending dough: Tyrion narrating the invasion by the Unsullied onto Casterly Rock. He says it will be difficult to enter. Oh man, they’re defeated (you think). Then Tyrion talks about how the Unsullied would enter a different way and defeat the enemy; success! (you think). The Unsullied’s supplies are being burned & the Lannister army will come back to finish them off after they invade and defeat the Tyrell army (who was/is the second half of Dany’s plan; down goes the Greyjoys & now down goes the Tyrells — good plan Tyrion! It’s okay, still got mad love for ya!)

Finally, the Olenna Tyrell death may be the first death of a liked character that you’re not completely devastated by and we all know why. It won’t matter now that Cersei finds out who actually killed Joffrey, but for us fans it’s sweet satisfaction she knows (despite Olenna dying #RIP).

Only four more to go!

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