Bachelorette: Thoughts on the Final 4

Better late than never…

I didn’t plan on doing a Bachelorette post this week but since I’ve watched Monday’s episode, I can’t stop thinking about it. I have many thoughts on the final four, so let’s get right into it. In the order I hope Rachel chooses….



Honestly Peter is perfect and has been since the beginning. I was VERY skeptical of him on their first one-on-one for some reason. I felt he wasn’t into Rachel as much as she was him, which could have led to her getting hurt; I felt SHE would pull him in for a kiss rather than the other way around. A few weeks later on the group date with the handball game, Peter didn’t want to show off his “skills” for Rachel like the other guys. Instead he just wanted to “get handsy” with her. It was then I felt him shift to really liking her. On Monday’s episode, after Bryan and Dean got their date cards, I really sensed Peter’s jealousy.

I fully respect Peter not being ready to propose; no normal person would in this situation! But I don’t doubt at all that Peter has feelings for Rachel or that he is a genuine, good guy. If she doesn’t pick him, I just pray he becomes the next Bachelor!



I can NOT put my finger on it, but I really really like Eric and have from the beginning. I liked that early on he asked her what her love language was and how he genuinely wants to know how Rachel is doing throughout this process. Usually I’d be pretty skeptical about the fact he hasn’t had a serious relationship before or hasn’t brought a girl home before or was a little unhinged in the beginning (stupid Lee), but to me all of that makes him REAL.

I appreciate that he wasn’t raised in the easiest environment with the most loving family. I appreciate his positivity despite his background. If I had to be fully honest, I want Rachel to pick Eric to kill two bird with one stone: a guy I like wins and (fingers crossed) Peter becomes the next Bach  … and if it’s not Peter, then make it Eric!



I can not say enough good things about Dean! He is constantly smiling, is so cute, and seems like he’d just always make a girl laugh. Spoilers though, it’s rumored he went to Paradise and met Kristina (from Nick’s season) and they are currently traveling the world together. As I was watching Monday’s episode I thought to myself, “Wait, what if Rachel really picked Dean?” but all those Paradise rumors flew back into my head. Also, I really don’t see Rachel and Dean together because of their age difference, which I know shouldn’t matter but it does.

If Dean and Kristina are together, it makes me warm and fuzzy because I want Dean to be happy and to be with a good person. It seems like he has had it super rough (I mean did you see the previews for next week with his dad?). So my thoughts on Dean are, I’d like for him to go far but I’m not sure he will … I can totally see Big Rach take him to the Fantasy Suites though as a final hoorah!



Raise your hand if you like Bryan.


That’s what I thought. I dislike Bryan because I don’t trust him. I don’t trust that he is 37 years old, successful, good looking, and single. I’m sure there are many in this great country of ours that could argue that they’re successful and good looking, but simply haven’t found “the one.” Sorry. I don’t trust him. He was on a reality show titled The Player for goodness sake. 


Also, why did Rachel feel she needed to buy him a watch, yet bought no other guy a gift? Do you have to buy Bryan’s love because you can feel his insincerity? Problem is, next’s weeks promo showed Bryan meeting Rachel’s family which we know doesn’t happen until the final two guys, so we’re going to assume Bryan makes top two (much like Jojo’s season where first impression rose receiver Jordan made top two and eventually won).

If you’re a fan of Bryan, please contact me and give me your reasons why. You can find my Twitter and IG at the bottom of this page. As for the other three, I’m rooting for you hardcore! I can’t wait to watch hometowns next week; we’re honestly getting SO close to the end! Good luck Rachel!



The OC Is Back! 12×1 Recap

“They’re not the popular girls; we’re the popular girls”

Orange County is back! But, before we get into a popular girl discussion or who wants to be like who, I want to briefly discuss just decent human beings. I recently subscribed to a new podcast, Married to Bravo, and became insta friends with the creator, Joleen Lunzer. Screenshot 2017-07-11 at 12.21.47 PMI loved her concept for the show: that she’d force her husband to not only watch Bravo, but then go back and recap/discuss for a podcast. I asked Joleen for a blog shoutout on her newest podcast episode AND SHE DID IT! She seriously said the nicest things about MHH, encouraged her listeners to follow, and just gave overall support to a total stranger. So world, there are decent people, not even decent but genuinely kind people, out there and it makes me feel better about dark days that occur. Find their podcast on iTunes now!

Moving on to not so decent people…this week we welcomed back the original housewives: Orange County! Last season didn’t end well; in fact this episode started off showing images of a beach with audio playing of the women screaming at each other from last season. Gone is Heather, we welcome Lydia back, and I still have to see Kelly Dodd on my screen.


Anybody read about Kelly’s 4th of July fight? Hmm anyway, the episode starts with Shannon chasing after the new dog she got her three daughters and then boom! right into another depressing storyline for Shannon. This time it’s about her 40 pound weight gain, her low confidence, and how David has distanced himself from her even though he surprised her last season with a vow renewal. I’ve always always liked and supported Shannon, but I’m not here for a sad season from her where she’s constantly crying about her life. Be strong for your girls! Not only that, but you have infinite support in the social media world: you’re not the first to gain weight, you’re not the first to have a shitty husband; show your girls how a strong female dusts herself off and lives LIFE! uujj.jpg

That’s probably all I’m going to say about Shannon in this post because she already gets in a fight the next episode with Lydia (of all people) and like I said, I’m just not here to watch an unhappy Shannon spiral this season. Speaking of Lydia, she’s back! rhoc-secrets-8-lydia.jpg

Not going to lie, I wasn’t her biggest fan when she first appeared back in season eight, but I think I may like her rainbow and sparkle attitude this season. I don’t like that she’s going to go head to head with my girl Shannon, but I appreciate Lydia trying to bring the ladies together (Vicki & Tamra) because obvi you know that will bring drama. Also, major props to Lydia for raising three little boys! (I’m also curious to see how well Lydia takes to Kelly because we all know how pleasant Kelly can be)


On the subject of  Kelly, her and Vicki are apparently still friends and make it known they want to be the popular girls this season.

mckayla-maroney-not-impressed-oh-you-argued-before-the-supreme-court-cool   Really no one cares. But we do care that Vicki has a new man in her life named Steve. He seems normal enough, which makes me wonder why he’s with Vicki (BECAUSE SHE MENTIONED SHE MISSED HER RELATIONSHIP WITH BROOKS!). As much grief I’ll give Vicki this season, there is one thing she’s amazing at and that’s being supportive of her family. Enter Briana (who I freaking adore and was so happy to see on my screen!). Since Briana’s husband is still not back in the OC, Vicki is helping her out with Briana’s two toddler boys. That motherly love is unshakeable and I appreciate the heck out of it about Vicki!

Speaking of mothers, we meet Meghan’s new baby girl. We see Jimmy being an awesome dad annnnd that’s about the end of that story line. Don’t get me wrong, I’m stoked for Megan to be a mom because I know last season was hell for her with her injections and feeling abandoned by Jimmy, but like, cool you have a baby; do more investigative work like calling hospitals for doctor records and such, Meghan.

After the premiere of season 12, on Twitter (@myhollywoodh) many of the housewife accounts I follow were saying they weren’t impressed with the episode and all I could think was “Whaaa!” Now as I’m reviewing my notes, I can see what they meant; I must have been blinded by the excitement of the franchise returning and the champs I drank to celebrate it.


Soooooooooo, Tamra goes to Lydia’s Bible study group and cries again about how she doesn’t have a relationship with her daughter (maybe don’t talk about it on national television?), Tamra works out at Cut Fitness and Eddie shows up (he’s not gay), and Tamra goes dress shopping with Shannon and their daughters.

Oh! Then there’s a Dallas Housewives trailer that is shown halfway through …rh-dallas-logo

Ummm, the episode ends with Vicki having lunch with Lydia, who she calls “Disneyland all the time.” Lydia wants to understand the Vicki and Tamra breakup, which is leading me to believe she’ll try to get them back together … c5f8580303abdc72181fa4399fe18d39.jpg    but to that I say, “Good luck Lydia!”

While OC is one of my favorite franchises, I’m not sure yet who is my standout favorite cast member this season, maybe Lydia? I like Disneyland quite a bit. Plus in next week’s episode, Lydia straight up tells Shannon they won’t get along, so there’s that. Honestly, never judge a housewife season based off the first episode anyway. We have much to look forward to friends; I’m sure of it.


Movie of the Week 2: Moana

“I know everybody on this island, I live on a deserted island, I need to save my island …”

Are those not the words? Oh.

Welcome to another posting from MHH and my second batch of “Movie of this Week!” Up this week is Disney’s MoanaI know what you’re thinking — why would I feature this on my blog? This isn’t a new movie. But it’s new to me, was free on Netflix, and this is my blog so I can feature whatever I want. Honestly, I’m surprised I haven’t seen it sooner because I’m a pretty big Disney fan and Frozen is my jam.


Not that this movie is Frozen. 

Moana, in fact, tells the story of a Polynesian tribe (much different setting). I really screwed myself when I watched this because I wasn’t fully paying attention to the beginning which explains the tale of what curses their island. Later I learn some guy Maui stole some stone from some god or goddess and now the island is cursed (or something like that, again, wasn’t really paying attention).


So cut to this tiny child who walks into the ocean and the ocean gives her a shell and is parting like freaking Moses and the Red Sea, allowing the little darling to walk right out into the water. Ohhhh, that’s Moana, and she’s not allowed to go in the water…


Isn’t the famous song all about how “the water calls me” or something, but her parents don’t even let her get into the water?


Come to find out Moana’s dad is the chief of the island and she’s to rule next, but wouldn’t you know, she’d rather be out on the water? Skip ahead to the island being cursed or something and they all run out of coconuts and fish and there’s no Hyvee around to help. (I guess this has something to do with the beginning of the movie I missed …?). Because of this, Moana is finally going to get into the water and sail for help with the assistance of one bad ass grandma (and some cool ancestors too I come to learn).

moana boat.jpg

Can I just pause a second and say how b-e-a-u-tiful this movie is to watch? The ocean is the purest blue color on screen aside from probably seeing it in person, the Polynesian people have the artistically crafted tattoos, and I don’t know who or what inspired the animator who created Moana’s hair but it’s literally perfection!

Anyway, off she goes to find Maui (that cat I mentioned from the beginning; again, something about a curse?), leaving her pig behind. Yes, she has a pet pig and he’s the cutest. She also has a pet chicken (who I think is mentally challenged and I don’t even know if that’s offensive as I type right now, but if you’ve seen the movie you know what I’m talking about) and the chicken gets to go on the trip, but not the pig, even though the pig seems to have it somewhat together better than the chicken …?

Enter Maui, the big guy she’s supposed to find. Oh! It’s Dwayne Johnson’s character. And he’s a demigod? (yes I had to look that up). MauiHe’s the one who stole the green stone from the person from the movie’s opening scene, and he has to give it back to get Moana’s people coconuts again. Instead, he sings that famous “You’re Welcome” song I know many middle schoolers love. Maui kind of sucks though, like why is he so pompous and a jerk? However, he too has really amazing, flowing hair, and awesome tattoos! His tattoos talk to him (they’re like his little Jiminy Cricket!) and I really love them. So, he sails with her to help, and to get his hook, and to win the love of the people because that’s what truly makes him happy (because you find out his parents abandoned him when he was a baby by THROWING HIM INTO THE OCEAN, leading him to have relationship issues; Disney, what are you teaching children??)

Along the way, Moana and Maui fight some really strange clay looking coconut pirates
(I thought this part was weird; like, LSD weird -not that I’ve done LSD, but I’ve seen those Dateline specials and it sounds like those crazies would see coconut pirates). moana2.jpg
Moana & Maui also fight this giant crab, who basically just likes bling and singing jazzyish songs about being “Shiny.” This crab is my favorite character in the entire movie because he’s basically Lisa Vanderpump as an animated sea creature (& if you don’t get that reference, go watch some Bravo TV). This is another scene that is STUNNING to watch with the lights and movement of the characters (I probably could have stopped the movie right here and been done).

As I was watching Moana, I kept wondering if previous Disney movies inspired certain aspects of the plot. Take the crab for example. That entire world he lives in reminded me of Alice’s Wonderland. Then, the fact that Moana disobeys her father to explore the unknown (The Little Mermaid), Moana’s grandmother is an inspiration and part of nature (Pocahontas), and Maui’s famous line in the film, “If you wear a dress and have an animal sidekick, you’re a princess.” Oh! There is even a cameo from Sven, the reindeer from Frozen!

Also along with almost every other Disney movie, the hero saves the day. In this film, Moana returns that green stone to a island (I guess the stone was the heart of the island) and then this fire demon becomes a large, grassy lady who I think inspired the floral headband trend? Moana’s island is restored (coconuts and fish FOR DAYS!) and everyone starts sailing again — no more fear of the water!


All in all, I thought the movie was cute, but probably not my absolute favorite. I liked that Moana is a strong female character and a great inspiration for young girls. She also teaches the importance of mantras (again, if you’ve seen the movie you know what I’m talking about…). I don’t think it would hurt any of you to go watch Moana if you haven’t yet (or rewatch if you have). Even one of my girlfriend’s husbands mentioned he enjoyed it and I really don’t see this dude catching up on his Disney animation too often.

With that, see you next time and thanks for reading! I’m sure you’re thinking, “What can I say except,maxresdefault


The majority of my readers right now are family and friends, or those referred from my family and friends. So, until I become the next Perez Hilton & have unlimited readers  –I understand it will take timekkk—  I want to start including posts that can refer people I care about to try or watch something new.  Enter podcasts! 


What is a podcast? I won’t bore you with the digital details of what a podcast is (probably because I don’t fully understand it myself; click the link if you need that definition) so I’ll give you my definition. Podcasts are Netflix for your phone. They are audio episodes on an unlimited amount of topics you download to your phone as you would music (EXCEPT IT’S FREE!) and then can listen wherever you go: on your drive, working out, walking around the park, doing laundry, etc!

How do I get a podcast? Again, for my techie friends, click the link. However, if you have a iPhone or Android, you should have a podcast app on your phone, which will then link you to an available site, like iTunes, where you can search and download podcasts.


Why should I care about or try podcasts? There are a few reasons I love listening to podcasts. First, I live in a rural area and have to drive about 20 minutes to work or the grocery store. If you listen to any radio station, it seems like the same song is played every half hour. Podcasts have made my drives so much more bearable and enjoyable. This also goes for when I’m walking my dog around the neighborhood. I can forget any worries of my day and just listen in on the story, which is the next reason I love podcasts so much: storytelling. I’m a HUGE reader, love escaping into a book, and there are some amazing stories to escape into (both true life & scripted) in the podcast world. Scroll down to examine a few. Finally, I get my news from my podcast app, including political and entertainment. It’s a quick and easy way to stay in the know.


Need news fast? Start right here!


Upfirst – This podcast is from NPR and the hosts bring you the most up to date news stories each morning. What I love most is each episode isn’t longer than 15 minutes, so while you’re getting dressed and combing your hair, you get the top news stories of the day!

The Morning Breath – Claudia & Jackie Oshry give you the “top five stories you need to know before you wake up and brush your teeth.” Technically it’s not world news, it’s celeb news so after I listen to Upfirst, I put on these girls to get my celeb dish. for the day Follow them on social media at @girlwithnojob and @JackieOProblems.

Story Telling:

Good stories like the following can’t possibly be true, but they are.


S-Town – From the people of This American Life and Serial (see below for both), comes a story revolving around a man named John B. McLemore and will grab your attention right away. While there is no HUGE shock or twist at the very end (although there is at the end of episode two), if you keep in mind as you listen that this is storytelling at it’s finest, I have little doubt you’ll dislike this podcast.

Heavyweight – Jonathan Goldstein brings you stories about people from all walks of life. Episodes two and six are my favorite. Each story centers around a person and a story they need to tell. It’s truly great.

This American Life – As I write this, This American Life has released their 619th episode, so it’s safe to say this show is the podfather. Each episode revolves around a theme with multiple “acts.” Ira Glass hosts and I honestly don’t think I can say enough good things about how wonderful this show is. While each theme or story may not be for you, you’ll enjoy more of them than you hate.

30 For 30 – If you’re familiar with the 30 for 30 documentaries brought to you by ESPN, then here is a podcast under the same pretense. Check them out if you enjoy sports stories!

Ear Hustle – This podcast is made INSIDE a prison and tells different stories about inmates and what life is like “on the inside.” I started listening to it because I felt it was an interesting concept and each episode has proved me right!

True Crime:

If you love the ID Channel as much as me, these are some great podcasts to listen to!


Serial – Serial is the show that started my podcast obsession. Sarah Koenig, the host, has an amazing radio voice, SNL spoofed it, and with two very different seasons, it’s bound to spark your interest. I’m very certain you’ve heard of this podcast and if not, but you’re interested in trying one, here is where I would start.

Sworn – Sworn investigates the gruesome murders of Russell and Shirley Dermond. Who are they? The Dermonds were an elderly couple and while they aren’t well known for anything, the fact that Mr. Dermond was found decapitated in his home (but pronounced dead BEFORE the decapitation) and the crime scene was extremely clean, this makes for an interesting case.

Crimetown – This podcast takes place in Providence, Rhode Island and basically tells the story of the mafia in the city. It involves the former mayor of the city, Buddy Cianci, and the political corruption he was involved in. However, there are additional stories involving other “wise guys” that will completely hold your interest as well!

Pop Culture:

For all things movies, music, celebs, & famous personalities …


Pop Culture Happy Hour – From NPR, a panel of pop culture experts discuss the latest in movies, music, & television. Make sure to listen to the entire episode though because the end segment, “What’s Making Us Happy?” is the best!

Straight Up with Stassi – From Vanderpump Rules, Stassi Schroeder opens up more than she ever does on the show (impossible I know!). You’ll laugh out loud as she has interviews and converses about celebrity gossip, pop culture, relationships, and more!

Allegedly with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss – These two comedians interview a different guest each episode and the guest scores Theo & Matt on who asks the better questions. Because of this, Theo and Matt do NOT hold back! Check out their list of episodes (they just celebrated 100!) and download those with celebs you know or like, then you’ll grow to love this show (even if you don’t like the guest).

(Sidenote: almost ANY famous television show you’re into probably has a podcast to go with it. Some examples include The Bachelorette, Game of Thrones, Gossip Girl; the list honestly goes on and on!)

Katy’s Top Picks:

I can’t get ENOUGH of the following podcasts!

current favs.png

Homecoming – I just finished the entire first season of this podcast yesterday and where do I even begin? First thing to understand is this podcast is scripted, not true life, and it’s told through interview and phone conversations mainly. There is no narrator. Plus the conversations jump from past to present in a flash (there is a literally a flashing-whooshy sound when it jumps), so you have to pay attention. However, the episodes don’t last much longer than 20 minutes so it’s quick to get through.
I’ve never heard anything quite like this. I’ve heard phone conversations on podcasts before, but they have never been scripted. I just keep thinking what it would have been like for the cast to record. Speaking of the cast, some members of the cast include Catherine Keener, Oscar Isaac, and David Schwimmer. I don’t feel like I can say much about the storyline or plot because I’ll give too much away, but trust …. listen to this!!

Broses Before Roses – I can’t recall how I even came across this podcast, but out of this entire list it’s probably my number 1 and what makes that annoying is you have to be a Bachelor/Bachelorette fan in order to listen. If this applies to you, go download this podcast right now!
The podcast features five grown men simply discussing the latest episode of whatever Bach program is currently airing. I feel like each person I tell about this podcast laughs a bit and will say, “That’s a funny premise,” and then blow it off, but don’t blow it off! I LITERALLY laugh out loud every. single. time. I listen to an episode. I appreciate how the guys will take the episode seriously, but how they are also cynical (because they’re men commenting on The Bachelor!) because I’m usually super cynical about the show too.

Criminal – Phoebe Judge hosts a show in which yes, each episode does center around something to do with breaking a law. However, each episode is not about murder or violence, but rather every topic under the sun. Did I mention Phoebe Judge, the host? Here is the thing I have come to love about podcasts and it’s that some hosts (Jonathan Goldstein, Ira Glass, Sarah Koenig, & especially Phoebe Judge) almost become like family each episode you listen to. Their voices soothe you and you look forward to hearing from them. While each story in Criminal is worthy, Phoebe makes the show.

So, have I convinced you on trying a podcast? Go download one; what do you have to lose? (And, follow me on Twitter @myhollywoodh to discuss these & other podcasts I love!)


Summer of Showmances: BB19 Recap

“You want a boyfriend? Go on the Bachelor”

*Please refer to the above pictures with names if you reading and are confused #yourewelcome!

I was going to wait until the live show tonight to post so I could have a full week recap of Big Brother 19, but I couldn’t wait. The last five minutes of the latest episode (as I write this) which was the Power of Veto Ceremony WAS INSANITY and also made me so so happy. However, we have to back it up before we can get there.

On Sunday’s episode, Cody is still HOH and we learn of three new showmances.

#Jody (Jessica & Cody) #Malena (Elena & Mark) #Maven (Raven & Matt). Ugh, good looking people who are automatically drawn to one another and then team up together to bully the other side of the house …?


As HOH, Cody and his showmance alliance decide to put up Megan & Jillian. Cody’s reasoning? “Megan, I just don’t like you” and Jillian is associated with Megan. I was not a fan of Megan from the beginning, but the girl can’t get a break. After Josh blew up on her last week, to being put up on the block because she’s not skinny and doesn’t have huge, fake boobs, to this whole “Panda” drama.


Apparently, Jessica called Alex Pao Pao, after season 16 player, Paola, because they are both short and Asian. Long story short: Megan overhears and tells Alex that Jessica said this. Only Megan misunderstood thinking J called A “panda” and that could be taken as racist. So then Paul goes and tells Jessica what Megan said, leading J to confront A and them both to confront M. J and A accuse M of basically making up lies. Ensue yelling and Megan being on the block with zero chance (in her mind) of staying. (Hello! POV still up for grabs, remember??).

My biggest issue with Pandagate is NO ONE stood up for Megan. No one looked fake boobs Jessica in the eye, asking her what she REALLY said if it wasn’t panda. I get it’s early and no one wants to get involved with drama or put their necks on the line, but be a decent human being. When someone is getting screamed at for making up lies when she honestly just misunderstood, help her out.


Sadly, Megan couldn’t muster up her fighter spirit, and decided to exit the experience.


This left Cody with the task to nominate another houseguest and he chose my girl Alex, BECAUSE SHE FREAKING TOLD HIM SHE’D GO AFTER THE COUPLES IF SHE WON HOH! (Which yeah, I would to, but you don’t tell him that!)paul

However, we have to keep this train moving….Paul receives a temptation called the “Pendant of Protection,” in which he can’t be nominated for the next three evictions, Ramses receives a curse in which he has to self-nominate in one of the next three evictions, and Kevin dressed up as a mermaid to host the POV competition.

Speaking of POV, Alex & Jillian compete because they’re one the block. As does Cody, Raven, Matt, & Jason. Raven throws in the towel because she takes a temptation of never having to be a “Have Not” for the rest of the summer.  Jason tries super hard to win for Alex, bless Jillian’s heart for trying, Cody throws the comp at the end because he “respects” Alex, and ALEX PULLS HERSELF OFF THE BLOCK BY WINNING THE POV!
Go girl!


Okay more happens blah blah blah, let’s get to the POV Ceremony! Cody has to now put up his 5th (?) nomination. He has his sights set on Paul, however, Paul is in his pretty people alliance, AND Cody tells NO ONE his plan. How do you not even tell one confidant what your plan is? Ugh I hate Cody is much. Anyway, cue dramatic irony because viewers know Paul can’t be put up (remember that Power of Protection I mentioned earlier?!)

Oh my gosh I’m on the edge of my seat even as I write this because remembering what went down was SO GOOD! Cody thinks he’s about to back door the vet when tells Paul to take a seat in the nomination chair (Cody even gives some lame speech about not being able to trust this person gag!), AND PAUL JUST STAYS SEATED ON THE COUCH.

Cody doesn’t know what to do and the look on his face is PRICELESS! So, what does he do? Nominates Christmas, who is also in his pretty people alliance! Thus, Cody flips the house upside down, turning two of his alliance members automatically against him (Christmas & Paul) and hopefully turning the other two couples against him as well. (PLEASE MATT & MARK FLIP ON CODY!)

Seeing Cody’s face when he couldn’t nominate Paul was like my birthday come early; I couldn’t have been happier.  Gah I love Big Brother! As I write this, the live show will air this evening where either Christmas or Jillian will leave us (I’ll be sad to see either go) and a new Head of Household will be named.

I apologize for the longer post, but we could all practice our reading skills, yes? And, if you don’t watch Big Brother, jump on this bandwagon NOW because it’s going to be a crazy crazy ride the next few weeks!



4th of July Favorites

Happy 4th of July!! 


The Fourth is one of my favorite holidays and why wouldn’t it be? As Chad Johnson from The Bachelorette said it best …

Screenshot 2017-07-04 at 12.54.14 PM.png

and in order to celebrate, I thought I’d mention a few of my favorites to watch, read, & listen to on the American holiday.

The Patriot


I remember first seeing this movie when I was in the seventh grade, after just learning about the American Revolution in school. Sorry Mrs. Gurnee,  but THIS movie taught me taxation without representation better than any teacher or textbook. It stars Mel Gibson and a young, studly Heath Ledger in which “an unassuming man who is forced to join the American Revolution when the British threaten to take his farm away from him. Together with his patriotic son, Gabriel, the pair faces the vicious Redcoats with a heroism that reflects the stubborn pride of a young country’s most dedicated supporters.” 

Image result for the patriot film

The historical context of the film is outstanding, the battle scenes are spectacular to watch, & Gibson’s performance will make you respect him if you don’t already.

Independence Day


OBVIOUSLY this movie made my list. Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, Vivica A. Fox, & Randy Quad fighting aliens who come to take over our world …?


It just so happens the aliens are taking over around the 4th of July and it just so happens the ENTIRE WORLD comes together to battle ET, basically making Independence Day a universal holiday. Plus, Smith & Goldblum are Hollywood magic together! Oh, and #neverforget the aliens using Dr. Brackish Okun to communicate to us?! (cue Cookie Lyon again!)


Hamilton Soundtrack & Hamilton: The Revolution 


Unless you’ve lived under a rock the past two years, you should have heard of Hamilton, a musical written by and starring Lin-Manual Miranda. This musical took over not only Broadway, not only the Tonys, but the entire country. Why wouldn’t it? It’s a hip-hop musical basically telling the founding of our country, but mainly centering around Alexander Hamilton. Now, I’m not one to shy away from show tunes, so obviously I LOVE this soundtrack, but it is So. Much. More. Than. Showtunes!


You can listen to the entire soundtrack here to get your feet wet. But, if you are strongly against any showtunes, Manuel created the Hamilton Mixtape, in which artists like Kelly Clarkson, Usher, Alicia Keys, Sia, John Legend, & more sing covers (and newly mixed versions) of the soundtrack.

hamilton mixtape

To go along with the play & soundtrack, Miranda wrote Hamilton: The Revolution. imagesNot only does the book have awesome production photos, it has the background into why Miranda fell in love with Hamilton’s story, it has cast articles & interviews, and it has the entire lyrical library (I suggest following the lyrics while you listen along!). But, my favorite part in reading this was seeing all the notes Miranda included with the lyrics: his influences, how rhymes came together, the history behind a certain line, or how a certain song was linked to a modern day rap song. Lin-Manuel Miranda is seriously one of the most brilliant musical minds of our generation.


Well, there you have it my friends! I wish you and yours all the happiness & enjoyment on this national holiday. If for some reason you aren’t a firework gal or guy, check out some of the above today. #merica !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Air Force One
Independence Day: Resurgence

Movie of the Week 1: Baby Driver

“I’m easy like Sunday morning…”

Before I start, I need to get something off my chest. I never claimed to be someone with a credible opinion: I’m not famous or rich, I didn’t study film, I wasn’t in drama club during my high school days, basically I have no reason that my opinion on a film is worth anything. What I will say is, I love everything about movies especially good storytelling & memorable characters. If you enjoy these as well, read below and then find me to discuss!

Debuting on June 29 & running 113, Baby Driver stars Ansel Elgort where “after being coerced into working for a crime boss, a young getaway driver finds himself taking part in a heist doomed to fail.


The film opens with Elgort’s character, Baby, dropping off three sketchy looking people at a bank, where they enter & rob it. Unless you do zero research before seeing a movie (& if you are this person, stop it, always have some basic plot idea before screening!), you know that Baby is a skilled getaway driver for thieves. You would think the movie would begin with some background into why he drives and then lead into all the cool car chases, but instead it starts with a cool car chase. Literally the credits don’t even begin until Baby and the robbers are in the clear. “Screeechhh screeechhhh!!”


What makes the car chase even more amazing is it’s all set to music. Seriously, the entire movie is set to music (basically). I mean the very second scene after the musical car chase is Elgort’s character strolling down the street with his earbuds in, showing off his smooth moves. Even the lyrics of the song playing subtly appear in the background of this scene.


Without giving away spoilers, you learn why Baby feels the need to have his life constantly needing a musical track behind it. You also soon learn he’s a badass, and not just with driving. Working for Kevin Spacey, Baby is his getaway driver on different heistes. The robbers change on each “mission” and the only consistency in these heists is that they always get away and that would be because Baby is driving them. He’s known as Spacey’s “lucky charm.” But, Baby wants out.


After learning he only has to complete one more heist for Spacey & will then be “all squared up,” Baby agrees. Enter Jamie Foxx. Jamie Foxx you ask? Well yes, if you were paying attention, you’d remember, the robbers change each heist. I don’t love Foxx’s character because he questions and challenges my sweet Baby, but I respect the fact that Foxx plays an evil character. Speaking of evil characters, Jon Hamm is straight up gangster in this film. (HE’S ONE OF THE BANK ROBBING BADASSES!)

jon ham

Seriously, look at those crazy eyes! And his haircut! And his girlfriend! And full on mental breakdown toward the end of the movie after the (spoiler) death of his girlfriend (or wife? IDK, I wasn’t fully invested in this relationship …all I know is Hamm goes H.A.M. at the end & it’s brilliant!).

BUT, the most important and amazing aspect of this movie is the soundtrack.  It literally has everything from Simon & Garfunkel, to The Commodores, to Queen. If you’re a millennial, sitting here reading this thinking, “I don’t know any of those artists,” then A) get a clue and B) go see this movie to learn some taste in music. I had zero idea going into this movie that music would play such a huge role in the film and it 100% is my favorite thing about it, and why I enjoyed it so much.


Of COURSE there is a subplot involving Baby’s parents & how/why he got into being a getaway driver in the first place, as well as a romantic subplot involving Baby, & finally how he’ll attempt end his life of crime.

If you like car chases, Kevin Spacey or Jamie Foxx, “shoot ’em up” films (better known as action films?), Ansel Elgort, or MUSIC –> go see this movie. It does have a a 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, if you’re like, a movie snob and this matters to you. If not and you just want some awesome entertainment for 113 minutes, go. see. Baby Driver!