“Peace Never Lasts My Dear” GOT Recap 7×2

It wouldn’t be Game of Thrones if there weren’t a sex scene or battle scene and this week we get both!

Before I start, I want to mention the podcast, A Cast of Kings. It’s my go to for episode recaps, and while they may be long, David Chen & Joanna Robinson do a phenomenal job discussing the latest episode. I’ve learned more about the series, especially tiny details I wouldn’t have even thought of, so if you’re a podcast AND Thrones fan, check it out!


Okay, let’s get started with alllllllll the emotions felt during this week’s episode. Thank goodness we started with Daenerys instead of her being in the final scene because I couldn’t wait the whole episode before I saw her like I had to last week. I’m obsessed with the fact that Dany is discussing Cersei and how to move forward towards her King’s Landing takeover. For six seasons we’ve seen her so far removed from Westeros and now she’s here! She’s arrived! She’s going to sit on the Iron Throne! Also, who didn’t love her questioning the bald guy whose name I forget but is known for having all his “little birds?” Dany = bad. ass!

Current Emotion:


To keep up with this excitement the red lady (oh, her name is Melisandre) comes to tell Daenerys that she’ll (shoot I don’t remember exactly what she said) but basically that DANY WILL RULE AND SO WILL ANOTHER *cough Jon Snow cough.” Which is really exciting because Jon realizes and verbalizes they need the dragons to kill the White Walkers (meaning Dany & Jon will probs meet up soon and maybe even work together!)

Current Emotion:


I doubt many would agree with me, but I’m a little annoyed with Daenerys and Cersei; like, I get it’s all about world domination, and you have worked really hard to get where you’re at, and mother freaking GIRL POWER to you both if it comes down to you two, but do you not understand what you’re up against that’s bigger than anything in the natural world?! Hello, White Walkers anyone? Hello, Night King anyone?


I guess we’ll see how it all plays out. Moving on, Sir Jorah! So good to see you agai — oh no, he’s not good. We’re going to come back to Sir Jorah in a bit. Not that I want to continue talking about her, but look at Cersei around all those dragon bones! It does look kind of cool to be down there with them, until I realize she’s down there to learn how to kill Dany’s dragons, with some giant spear nonetheless. Again, are you braindead? Do you not realize YOU NEED THE DRAGONS AGAINST THE WHITE WALKERS?! Plus the dragons are my favorite characters so they can’t be killed off.

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Moving on. I don’t know if you were wanting a Grey Worm and Missandei sex scene (and if you weren’t wanting one, you were definitely wondering how it’d go down if it did happen), but fans of Missan-dorm got one. I’ve heard multiple theories that this was a long and drawn out scene because perhaps this was the final time we’d see the two together, as if it was some sort of farewell. I did like Grey Worm’s speech about weakness and fear and how Missandei is that for him.

Grey Worm & Missandei's Current Emotion:


As I previously mentioned, we’d come back to Sir Jorah and here we are!  He’s granted one more day to stay at the Citadel before he’s banished because his grayscale has progressed too far. But, my favorite and yours, Sam I Am, is going to cure him. Honestly what is it with Sam getting two disgusting episodes back to back because basically Sam’s “cure” is to literally peel off the grayscale (puss flying everywhere) and then put a special ointment on it. Oh yeah, and Jorah is to not scream during the procedure because Sam isn’t allowed to be doing any of this.

Current Emotion:


The Starks: Arya, Jon, Sansa.

Arya learns that Jon is King of the North, so she scraps her plan to kill Cersei (for now) and heads for Winterfell. Oh yeah, and her pet wolf doesn’t recognize her anymore … #metaphor anyone?! Jon is literally the only one in the entire show who knows what he’s doing because he trusts my favorite guy Tyrion & his favorite guy Sam who both tell Jon he needs to travel to Dragonstone. The most important reason for going is so Jon can mine Dragonglass to kill the White Walkers. Man is his head on straight! He knows the real threat! Then there is Sansa who is a whiny brat who seems to always disagree with Jon (especially in front of others). But, Jon trusts her and she’s in charge of holding down Winterfell while Jon’s gone. Little Finger likes this, but don’t fret friends, Jon threatened him before he set off!

Current Emotion:


The final scene. You think it may be a lesbian scene with the Greyjoy sister and the lady whose husband’s head got popped like a balloon by The Mountain, but nope! The horrible Greyjoy uncle appears to take them all out! This sure will put a wrench in Dany’s plan because the Greyjoys were part one in defeating Cersi. Of course the awful uncle is working with Cersi and he just annihilates the fleet. I would say it’s the most intense scene thus far in the season (& I get it; we’re only in episode two so thanks Captain Obvious) because I covered my eyes for most of it (that’s how I judge intensity in GOT). However, the craziest part was Theon. Guys, mental health is REAL and I think people are forgetting how much he suffered at the hands of Ramsay Bolton. If you watched, you know he jumped into the water instead of trying to save his sister. She dead now. And we’re left waiting to see what happens next week.

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