Southern Charm Reunion pt 2: Still So Many Questions!

Is there really a double standard in Charleston?

Not only did we get a sneak peak of Shep’s new show, Relationshep, but we were left with yet even more unanswered questions from our favorite people down south during the second part of the Southern Charm reunion which aired Monday. Let’s begin the questioning!


Kathryn my darling, I actually have no questions for you. I mean there are many moments where your behavior confuses me or I cringe at a comment you make, but I think part two was heavily focused on the others and not you. Keep working through things girl!



Where there is a Kathryn Dennis, there is a Thomas Ravenel. Hope this post doesn’t piss you off (anyone catch that blogger drama he couldn’t stop posting about??). I really just have one question for T Rav: if you can’t find a woman in Charleston, why don’t you just move?!?! Bro, you’re in your 50’s with two kids; if you want a wife for you and a mother for them, then figure it out. What exactly is keeping you where you are?



Okay deep breath because I’m about to spew … Did you really make those comments regarding money and Aspen? Are you a gold digger? Do you realize how you’re being portrayed, like really see yourself as viewers see you? Are you still dating that 20-something dude? Did you really take Thomas to a wedding recently as your date because he’s only your “friend?” How would you feel if a girl was acting with a guy you liked, how you were acting with Austen?  Does that previous question even make sense because it was really hard to put into words? WHY DO YOU DO SO MANY THINGS TO MAKE ME DISLIKE YOU WHEN I TRULY DON’T WANT TO?!



Ohhh little Sheppie. Excited for your upcoming show! Quick question, are you different with those girls on your show than how you were with Chelsea? How would you feel if a guy treated your sister or niece the way you treated Chels? Do you think you truly feel nothing for girls because you secretly are in love with Cameran? Most important, have you ever been charged with public intoxication in your 36 years of living?



I saw you comfort Kathryn, or maybe you were stopping her from getting upset; do you feel you understand her more than the others? And if so, why? What are your thoughts on the Shep/Austen/Chelsea triangle? Are you jealous of Shep (truly, honestly, deep down) — because he compared you to Trump (eek!) …thoughts on that?



Set the record straight … is there a double standard regarding relationships and hooking up between men and women in Charleston? If so, why defend behavior like Shep’s or Thomas’s? Since you’re the only one married, does that make you like, the overseer of everything? When I say that, I don’t mean it negatively, just do you (or the producers) feel you have the most experience to commentate on everything instead of actually causing problems or getting into the middle of them? Lastly, what are your thoughts on Shep and Craig? Why do they seem to always come for each other, especially in the last two seasons? Is it really that Shep cares so much about Craig lying and Craig cares so much that Shep cares?



Was Chelsea the one to end things with you? If this is the case, then what the hell is wrong with her because you’re obviously perfect in every way.



How awkward was doing the reunion, especially since you had to sit in the “loser chair?” (I’m not calling YOU a loser, you’re gorg girl! But what the heck Bravo, let a girl sit on the couch!) Do you ever feel like a piece of meat, especially when it seemed like two guys were fighting over you, or after the way Shep treated you? However, my most important question for you … were you the one to end things with little baby Austen??


Last, but NEVER least in my heart … Whitney:

Honestly, just give me your thoughts on everyone (especially Kathryn — where do you stand with her currently?)! My biggest question though is where have you been and why weren’t there more Whitney questions at the reunion? Patricia said you were working in LA and I saw something else on Twitter about you working on Southern Charm New Orleans? Just give me something Whitney! Need more of you in our world!!!!!


I probably have way more questions, but figure I can save them (plus gather more) for the next season. Let’s see, what topics might those questions include: Cam’s baby, Kathryn’s sobriety, Thomas’s love life, Craig &  Naomie’s relationship, Austen’s dimples, Shep’s new show, anything regarding Whitney or Patricia, and finally the hope that Landon comes to grips with reality.  Fingers crossed!







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