Do you even GOT? 7×1 Recap

Someone cue Mariah Carey…I had WAY too many emotions running through me watching the return of Game of Thrones. See below! 


Okay so WHO saw that coming in the opening? I mean honestly you had to know something was up because Walder Frey got his throat SLIT by our girl Arya last season, so how could he possibly be giving this toast? Is it a dream? Is it a flashback? You also knew something was up when everyone was drinking and toasting, except Frey and his bride. Then Arya takes off the face?!

Current emotion:


Efffffffff! Here come the White Walkers! Why are there so many of them?! OH SHIT THE GIANT IS A WHITE WALKER NOW!

Current emotion:


There is my main man Jon Snow! Anyone read the Billboard Article where it mentioned Jon Snow is the most likeable character on GOT and if he were to be a modern day musician, he’d be TIMBY ….siiiigh! (Oh, sorry, I was talking about Justin Timberlake right there).  Anyway, Sansa girl! Stop interrupting your brother! I doubt he’s liking this right now. Stop challenging him in front of all his friends! Yeah that’s what I thought … he didn’t like it. And stop feeding him BS about how he’s such an amazing leader just to get him to agree with you (unless this is a spoiler about him sitting on the Iron Throne at the end of the series …?)

Current emotion:


Cersei still thinks her brother killed her son? She also thinks her other son betrayed her and isn’t upset about his suicide she caused? She isn’t concerned about having enemies in every direction (she literally has a map to help her determine this!)? Based off her talk with Jamie, I think Cersei is certified insane at this point (well, more insane than she was); the walk of shame and death of all her children has broken her. She done.

Current emotion:


Yay! A Sam scene! Ewww not a very pleasant one…don’t do whatever you’re about to do Sam…don’t go inside that gate! Well, maybe go in there because I want to know what’s inside… EW! Dead body cut open! Oh no Sam’s going to steal the keys …

Current emotion:


Aww look, Arya riding through the woo–hold the phone; IS THAT ED SHEERAN SINGING?! I knew he was to have a cameo but I didn’t know it would be in the first episode of the season and I didn’t know he’d be singing! Aww and his soldier friends seem nice! (Well nice enough until they kill Arya or each other but until then…)

Current emotion:



Current emotion:


Shit is about to go down … the Hound can tell…wait, did he just say top knot?!?!?! Okay good question Hound: why does this guy who I don’t even know or remember his name keep getting brought back to life by the Fire God? What does the Hound see in the fire — he sees a wall of ice …The Wall?? Why is he now burying these people? Does he know them or is he trying to be a decent human; I had to have missed something and he knows them because I’m not sure he can be a decent human …

Current emotion:


Awwww! Look how how much little Sam has grown! And Gilly can read! A MOUNTAIN OF DRAGON GLASS!! Whaaaa! Also, Sam is about to get in trouble … Oh SNAP OH SNAP OH SNAP!  JORAH MORMONT AND HIS GREYSCALE!

Current emotion:


Annnnnd then this happened…


Final emotion:


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