Interview with a Gen Z

My cousin Lanie visited us this weekend. She is from Texas but attends the University of Alabama. She’s literally the cutest person I’ve ever encountered and also looks exactly like Sansa Stark (double win!).


She’s in her early 20’s which makes her of the Generation Z grouping (grouping? era? demographic?). We had the best time on her visit, but I was super curious about the generation z pop culture influences. So we made wine spritzers, conducted an interview, and this is what I learned.


Housewives, Vanderpump, Southern Charm, basically anything Bravo is not popular. We listened a bit to Stassi’s podcast when we were on our way to go shopping, and the cuz was into it, but doesn’t know Stassi on the reg. Speaking of other popular reality stars, the Kardashians weren’t too popular either. Lanie had the best answer when I asked about if she liked the first family of reality tv when she said, “Yes, but no; depends on the day.” She did mention Kourtney was her favorite.


Lanie is in a sorority and said many of her sisters will have Bachelorette viewing parties. She mentioned she was a few episodes behind, catches it now and then, but did say she is not an Eric fan.


Continuing with the Bachelorette, Lanie said this, “Dean is perfect, but I know he won’t win; he’s too young.”


Lanie mentioned some of her favorite shows to binge watch are Friends and Criminal Minds, which honestly are great answers. Think about it, she’s in college, working, and in a sorority; girl is BUSY. Those two shows are the best to catch a rerun of probably any time of the day because you know they are constantly airing on cable television. Maybe she’s getting ready for a date party, or needs a study break? Boom. Catch one of your favorite shows anytime!

We did get into a discussion on Thirteen Reasons Why, which I haven’t watched yet, but is on the “To Do” list. Lanie said she watched it because so many of her friends did and she wanted to see what all the hype was about (similar to my interest in it as well). She said she felt like for tackling such tough subject matter, the acting could have been stronger. Solid opinion girl, solid! Two thumbs up!


As far as film is concerned, Cousin Lanie mentioned that her and her friends will go to the theater from time to time but they mostly just catch a movie at home when they can. She did say this past Spring Break her friends and her had a Harry Potter marathon (they even turned it into a drinking game: “Every time Malfoy says something mean, take a drink”). The fact that this was her Spring Break memory instead of a Panama City drunken beach trip makes her the coolest!


Generation Z knows all the music; literally every song that came on the radio she knew the words. Lanie said she listens to Today’s Hits and Today’s Country Hits. Some of her favorite artists are Luke Bryan, Sam Hunt, Brad Paisley, & Justin Bieber (which I feel is pretty stereotypical gen z … however, these also are some of my husband’s favorite artists which pretty much makes him a 20 year old girl).


Lastly, when I asked about social media, Lanie said Instagram is her favorite platform to use. I love social media to stalk celebrities and feel close to them; Lanie said she enjoys it to stay connected to her friends, which left me thinking for a bit about our entire conversation …

is there a difference between Generation Z and Millennials when it comes to pop culture interest? 

I think the answer is no.  I feel like because she’s so busy with classes (her last semester she got a 3.98!!), is super involved in her sorority, and works a part time job, she doesn’t really have time for television or celebs. She’d rather stay connected to actual people she knows. 

Perhaps, once you hit 25 you learn you have no life besides a bottle of Rosé and your dvr. (me, cerca the last three years). Or, maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m the one in this who is abnormal and have this strange obsession with all things celebrity. Maybe I’d rather be sucked into my tv or into a starlet’s life than have live contact and conversation. 


Ahh well the world keeps spinning either way; I’m just so glad she was here and I could channel my early 20’s for a weekend.

Let me know what you think on this topic, whether you’re a gen z, millennial, boomer, whatevs. Comment on this post or find me on social media (Twitter and IG at bottom of this page) to discuss the issue further. 






  1. Mackenzie · July 17, 2017

    I’d rather be sucked into my tv watching Bravo than having real contact and conversation too!!! Rosé all day 😎

    Liked by 1 person

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