I Went on a Summer Binge ….

with my tv!


I realize summer isn’t officially over until September 22 (according to a calendar), but since I’m officially back to school next week & have been setting up my classroom the past two weeks, summer is over for me. With that, I wanted to share the shows I binge-watched on my summer vacation, especially if you’re someone in search of something new to start before all the fall shows return!

dsdfsfsfsdfdsI had been dying to watch this show since I read the book by Liane Moriarty back in 2015. However, my husband & I are cheap and didn’t get HBO until just this month (for obs Game of Thrones reasons).  I think I may really struggle discussing this show because I don’t even have words for how amazing it is …


The premise is that a murder takes place at a elementary fundraising event and you spend the entire series (and book) trying to figure out who died and who the killer is. The story revolves around three main women: Celeste (Nicole Kidman), Jane (Shaliene Woodley), and Madeline (Reese Witherspoon). There are minor characters as well including the three women’s husbands, overbearing Renata (Laura Dean), and hippie Bonnie (Zoe Kravitz).  


Big Little LiesHere is what I said on Goodreads about the book when I read it: “What a quick read! This book was insanely entertaining, many times humorous, and part tragic. I kept thinking, ‘Which character am I most like?’ Plus, for someone who can usually foresee endings, I was shocked here with the murder and the Saxon Banks reveal!” 

This may be the first ever novel to film adaptation I’ve seen that barely changes the plot of the novel, plus perfectly casts each character (okay maybe The Outsiders is first but BLL is obviously second!). The series is completely taken over by Kidman, Woodley, & Witherspoon, not just because you may be cheering for their characters, but because they become the characters and you’re completely sucked into their world.

The series is only seven episodes, about 50 or so minutes long, so it’s quick to binge, plus it was nominated for eight Primetime Emmys! Last, the soundtrack to this show is UNBELIEVABLE! For some reason, Witherspoon’s first grade daughter (in the show) has amazing taste in music and the music really directs the storyline. If you have HBO, go watch Big Little Lies NOW! If you’ve watched it, let’s dissect. 

RiverdaleI’ve already covered this show on the blog (you can read it here!). However, two of my favorite podcasters @girlwithnojob & @JackieOProblems just watched and loved this series, plus I got one of my besties to binge (and love) it, thus making me want to include it on this list.
the crownI feel like I’ve been watching this show forever and I’m so glad I finally finished it! The Crown follows the current Queen of England starting with her father passing and then her starting her reign as queen (that’s Elizabeth II). This show won the Golden Globe for Best Television Drama in 2017, Claire Joy (who plays Elizabeth) won the Golden Globe for Best Actress TV Drama, and the show has an 8.8 rating on IMDb (which, if you follow that site, you know is amazing). The show is also nominated for 8 Primetime Emmys. 


When I first started watching, I felt the show was extremely slow; usually I want to binge a show (like the two above) that surprises me each episode, keeps me coming back for more because there is unfinished business in the plot, or I need to know “who done it.” The Crown is not this. But, I’m fascinated with history and while watching, you learn so much. For example, did you know Winston Churchill hated a famous painting commissioned of himself around his 80th birthday, apparently leading his wife to burn it? Or, who knows about Elizabeth’s sister, Princess Margaret’s whirlwind romance with Peter Townsend and all of the drama it caused the sisters?


Who knows exactly what is for sure true in the scripted series as the show alludes to marital problems between Elizabeth and Philip, Winston Churchill covering up a stroke (on top of being unpleasant), and Prime Minister Eden’s drug problem.

My favorite thing about the show though, is the feeling you get when watching, like I immediately want to be taken to England 1954 after I finish an episode. I’ve always been fascinated by the Royal Family (my husband still recalls when we were dating & I set an alarm in the middle of the night to see Kate & William wed) and this show has deepened that interest. It’s more than just the family; it’s the setting and scenes of the show. This show is shot beautifully! It’s no wonder because according to IMDb, the “series is Netflix’s second most expensive project.”


Vanity Fair wrote a great article on The Crown and it’s transition into Season 2 if you’re interested in reading more on it. I look forward to not taking as long to finish Season 2 when it’s finally out on Netflix!


If you’ve watched any of these three shows and have thoughts or opinions, hit me up on social media or leave a comment on this page! If you have any other binge-worthy suggestions, please share those as well! 

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The Bachelorette: Before the Men Tell All, Three Went Home [to Dallas]

This is my husband.


We’ve been married almost three years. He is all boy: I’m talking sports, beer, Tarantino movies, golf. He hates the premise of The Bachelorette because he feels someone can’t fall in love that quickly and in that environment (and on my Bach cynical days I agree). However, he sat down with me this week to watch Rachel take Peter, Eric, and Bryan home to meet her family. I took a few notes as we watched because I wanted to add his commentary in this week’s post as well as my own.

To start, I did think it was weird that all three were going home instead of just two, but Rachel used the “my sister is pregnant excuse.”

First up was Peter!

imagesThe hubs’s first comment, “THEY BOTH HAVE GAPS IN THEIR TEETH!” Sheesh as if this hasn’t already been discussed, but I get he’s a rookie. He and I both agreed Peter is our number one pick and seems to be the Lindsay’s as well, even if he isn’t ready to propose just yet. Hubs says that Peter appears to be the only genuine one of the three and seems to “get it.” I don’t know if by “it” my husband is saying Peter understands there is a world outside of this show, but I’m going to assume that’s what he means. Peter even made comments to Bryan about how strange the whole experience of (warning: this gets a bit confusing) him being a boyfriend to Rachel but sitting & talking about her to her other boyfriend, while her third boyfriend is meeting the parents.


Peter gets it, Rachel’s family gets it, I get it, even my husband (who never watches this show) gets it, so what’s Rachel’s deal with Peter and her whole “I have to be engaged by the end of this?” #annoying

Next to meet the fam was Eric.

ooooBefore I forget, I want to first say that Eric said “I love you” to Rachel on their date the night after meeting her family and I felt it was genuine. Hubs felt Eric wasn’t as smooth around the family as he was with Big Rach, but I think that’s because Eric is used to being around Rachel. He also couldn’t hide the fact that he was nervous to meet her family, and that shows he’s REAL because someone who is smooth *cough Bryan cough* could equal disingenuous motives.

If you made a cartoon of what someone in love looks or acts like, it’s Eric. It’s too cheesy to me to be fake (I know that doesn’t make sense), but he embodies everything someone experiencing love for the first time would. It’s goofy, he’s goofy, because that’s how love makes you feel and you can’t explain it but I appreciate how he tries. I really like that their relationship to him means he cares about her, will honor her, and that each day is better & stronger than the one before. He may never have been in love before but he sure seems to have a strong grasp on what it means.

Bryan met the family last.

For commentary on Bryan’s date, I’m going to pass this one off to Rachel’s sister who told Bryan, “You have an answer for everything!” and that’s all I’ll say on that!


So Eric ends up in the Fantasy Suite after telling Rachel he loved her and what that means to him (see above).

We don’t even see the Fantasy Suite card with Bryan because the episode is to be continued during Rachel and Peter’s date night. After bringing the wine cork from the bottle they shared earlier (super cute family tradition in Peter’s family), things get rocky for Rachel and Peter because he basically says he can’t promise he’ll propose in two weeks and that was why he didn’t ask for Rachel’s family’s blessing.

My husband brought up the show the next day and said, “I know you really like Rachel as the Bachelorette, but she seems to be acting like a spoiled brat to me. She wants a ring just to want a ring and we all have known girls like that.” Why can’t she just accept that Peter wants to actually try to have a real relationship rather than get so hung up on a proposal?


Ah well, maybe she picks Bryan and all hope in her is lost. Guess we’ll find out in two weeks. Good news is we have Men Tell All to look forward to and then we head to Paradise! If  you can’t get enough Bachelorette talk, find me on social media (links are at the bottom) or leave a comment (bottom as well!)!

If you’re wanting even MORE after reading, I  FULLY support the Broses Before Roses podcast for some HILARIOUS Bachelorette discussions! Go give them a listen!

download See you next time! 


“Peace Never Lasts My Dear” GOT Recap 7×2

It wouldn’t be Game of Thrones if there weren’t a sex scene or battle scene and this week we get both!

Before I start, I want to mention the podcast, A Cast of Kings. It’s my go to for episode recaps, and while they may be long, David Chen & Joanna Robinson do a phenomenal job discussing the latest episode. I’ve learned more about the series, especially tiny details I wouldn’t have even thought of, so if you’re a podcast AND Thrones fan, check it out!


Okay, let’s get started with alllllllll the emotions felt during this week’s episode. Thank goodness we started with Daenerys instead of her being in the final scene because I couldn’t wait the whole episode before I saw her like I had to last week. I’m obsessed with the fact that Dany is discussing Cersei and how to move forward towards her King’s Landing takeover. For six seasons we’ve seen her so far removed from Westeros and now she’s here! She’s arrived! She’s going to sit on the Iron Throne! Also, who didn’t love her questioning the bald guy whose name I forget but is known for having all his “little birds?” Dany = bad. ass!

Current Emotion:


To keep up with this excitement the red lady (oh, her name is Melisandre) comes to tell Daenerys that she’ll (shoot I don’t remember exactly what she said) but basically that DANY WILL RULE AND SO WILL ANOTHER *cough Jon Snow cough.” Which is really exciting because Jon realizes and verbalizes they need the dragons to kill the White Walkers (meaning Dany & Jon will probs meet up soon and maybe even work together!)

Current Emotion:


I doubt many would agree with me, but I’m a little annoyed with Daenerys and Cersei; like, I get it’s all about world domination, and you have worked really hard to get where you’re at, and mother freaking GIRL POWER to you both if it comes down to you two, but do you not understand what you’re up against that’s bigger than anything in the natural world?! Hello, White Walkers anyone? Hello, Night King anyone?


I guess we’ll see how it all plays out. Moving on, Sir Jorah! So good to see you agai — oh no, he’s not good. We’re going to come back to Sir Jorah in a bit. Not that I want to continue talking about her, but look at Cersei around all those dragon bones! It does look kind of cool to be down there with them, until I realize she’s down there to learn how to kill Dany’s dragons, with some giant spear nonetheless. Again, are you braindead? Do you not realize YOU NEED THE DRAGONS AGAINST THE WHITE WALKERS?! Plus the dragons are my favorite characters so they can’t be killed off.

Current Emotion:


Moving on. I don’t know if you were wanting a Grey Worm and Missandei sex scene (and if you weren’t wanting one, you were definitely wondering how it’d go down if it did happen), but fans of Missan-dorm got one. I’ve heard multiple theories that this was a long and drawn out scene because perhaps this was the final time we’d see the two together, as if it was some sort of farewell. I did like Grey Worm’s speech about weakness and fear and how Missandei is that for him.

Grey Worm & Missandei's Current Emotion:


As I previously mentioned, we’d come back to Sir Jorah and here we are!  He’s granted one more day to stay at the Citadel before he’s banished because his grayscale has progressed too far. But, my favorite and yours, Sam I Am, is going to cure him. Honestly what is it with Sam getting two disgusting episodes back to back because basically Sam’s “cure” is to literally peel off the grayscale (puss flying everywhere) and then put a special ointment on it. Oh yeah, and Jorah is to not scream during the procedure because Sam isn’t allowed to be doing any of this.

Current Emotion:


The Starks: Arya, Jon, Sansa.

Arya learns that Jon is King of the North, so she scraps her plan to kill Cersei (for now) and heads for Winterfell. Oh yeah, and her pet wolf doesn’t recognize her anymore … #metaphor anyone?! Jon is literally the only one in the entire show who knows what he’s doing because he trusts my favorite guy Tyrion & his favorite guy Sam who both tell Jon he needs to travel to Dragonstone. The most important reason for going is so Jon can mine Dragonglass to kill the White Walkers. Man is his head on straight! He knows the real threat! Then there is Sansa who is a whiny brat who seems to always disagree with Jon (especially in front of others). But, Jon trusts her and she’s in charge of holding down Winterfell while Jon’s gone. Little Finger likes this, but don’t fret friends, Jon threatened him before he set off!

Current Emotion:


The final scene. You think it may be a lesbian scene with the Greyjoy sister and the lady whose husband’s head got popped like a balloon by The Mountain, but nope! The horrible Greyjoy uncle appears to take them all out! This sure will put a wrench in Dany’s plan because the Greyjoys were part one in defeating Cersi. Of course the awful uncle is working with Cersi and he just annihilates the fleet. I would say it’s the most intense scene thus far in the season (& I get it; we’re only in episode two so thanks Captain Obvious) because I covered my eyes for most of it (that’s how I judge intensity in GOT). However, the craziest part was Theon. Guys, mental health is REAL and I think people are forgetting how much he suffered at the hands of Ramsay Bolton. If you watched, you know he jumped into the water instead of trying to save his sister. She dead now. And we’re left waiting to see what happens next week.

Final Emotion:


“Read Between These Lines” – RHOC 12×3

When Andy Cohen tweets and says that the newest episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County is going to “blow your mind” you record Bachelorette and tune in to Bravo in real time. However, Mr. Cohen I only agree with you regarding about 10 minutes of the episode. So, with that being said, I’m not going to cover the entire hour, just the dinner … or events leading up to (and then of course, the dinner).

Shannon kept asking herself in this episode, “How did I get here?” in regards to her weight, but the real question is how did we get here:


Shannon and Tamra decide to go to dinner with Lydia and the new girl … Patty? Peggy? I honestly don’t know; she’s not that interesting to me at the moment.


Lydia FaceTimes Kelly and invites her to dinner. Did anyone catch Lydia’s comment “Oh I’m going to invite my friend (or maybe even good friend?)” and then the episode cuts to literally THE DAY BEFORE when she first met Kelly?! That is not your friend; that is your acquaintance. Plus at that very same lunch or dinner Lydia finds out that Kelly is not a fan of Tamra and Shannon (or maybe it’s the other way around). So tell me this little fairy dust unicorn, why would you invite Kelly to this dinner, especially when you’re already on rocky terms with Shannon?


This is when I officially became suspicious of Lydia. Last week, she knew that the subject of Vicki was a sore spot with Shannon and Tamra, yet brings Vicki up to them — only to get upset when it doesn’t go over well.


Then, Lydia invites Kelly to dinner, knowing Kelly isn’t on good terms with the very people she’s about to have dinner with. When Kelly shows up, Lydia acts completely surprised like “What is she doing her?” ARE YOU KIDDING ME; YOU INVITED HER!


Finally, Lydia prays with Shannon; oh now you’re going to be a genuine person Lydia? Listen, I know Shannon sees red and loses her marbles sometime; it’s not a good look …


but I get it. Shannon had just been to the gym to talk to her doctor about her weight. Honestly, he didn’t really seem all that supportive (say wow one more time…). On top of that, Shannon is about to have dinner with someone who just compared her to Vicki, then throw a Kelly Dodd ambush into the mix. Yeah, I’d start to get hot too. Kelly’s vile words sent Shannon over the edge and that is how we got to this:


Honestly, it made for great television. I wish I had a strong enough backbone to use the line: “Read between these lines!” on someone I don’t like. Plus, sue Shannon for also getting upset her own food she ordered wasn’t in front of her when she returned from the bathroom. I feel bad for her that she got so emotional; she did say she’d be upset about it for days. But lucky for us, this was only episode three of the season; just imagine what more is to come. Until then, I’ll be watching and tweeting right along with the rest of you.


Movie of the Week #4: Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

“What if someone says, ‘Bridget Jones you’re ridiculous, get out of here’?”

Okay, so I do realize that my image on the previous post is actually from this Bridget movie but whatevs! Another thing I realized as I was watching the sequel, was that I had already seen it (when I thought I was previewing it for the first time). I’m sure my husband would say, “Typical Katy.” I figured it out during the opening with Bridget falling into the pigs and then her calling Darcy to discuss their “shag” only to be on speaker phone in front of all his business contacts ha!


So, since those two scenes helped me remember I’d already seen the movie, I wanted to review some of the other memorable scenes from the second installment of our favorite diary keeper (plus some of my favorite scenes as well!).


The film starts with Bridget still dating Mark Darcy (swooon Firth!) and how happy she is! And gosh darnit, aren’t we all happy for her? I love when she’s next to him in bed and goes to put on clothes, only to keep the sheet wrapped around her. Darcy asks what she’s doing, in which Bridget replies, “I don’t want you to see my wobbly bits.” Darcy comes back with, “I have a high regard for your wobbly bits in all circumstances,” then says he wants to see them again and pulls her into bed. 


Next memorable scene is when Darcy invites Bridget to some fancy lawyer dinner. Bridget goes to get her hair done, only to have it end up a nightmare, which then makes her late for the dinner, so she has to do her makeup in the cab on the way there and walks in like this:


“Okay tiny mistake but I always have wit and conversation to fall back on”

But Darcy loves her anyway. He even comes to her door and says it, while at the same time she’s leaving a message on his answering machine … she tells him to hold on while he’s literally outside her door, so she can finish her message to him bahahahaha! Darcy tells her he loves her over the intercom, and those young kids hear it and whoop and holler at them and it’s so so so cute!


Of course, a movie wouldn’t be a movie if there wasn’t drama and eventually Darcy and Bridget break up. Bridget then goes to work on a travel show with none other than Daniel Cleaver and I’m sure you’re thinking “Here we go again with freaking Cleaver.” What’s even better though, than possible Cleaver drama is the moment when Bridget takes magic mushrooms by accident.


Remember her sand angel? Because of a long plot point I’m too lazy to write out, Bridget lands herself in Thai jail. I knew close to this moment for. sure. I had seen the movie before because I remember how Bridget bonds with all the women in jail (recall the “Like a Virgin scene?”) and I remember it was MARK DARCY who got her out.


In true Bridget Jones film fashion, Darcy & Cleaver have another run-in. Darcy gets mad at Cleaver for leaving Bridget in the airport to get detained by the Thai police. This run-in leads to another very entertaining fight between the two guys.


Bridget and Darcy (obviously) end up together despite the fact that Bridget thinks Darcy is dating a female colleague — only to find out the colleague is secretly in love with Bridget! She even tried to kiss Bridget!


Since this ended up not being the first time I had seen the movie, watching it again made me realize I like the second more than the first; there are just too many funny moments! Edge of Reason ends with Darcy asking Bridge to marry him:

“I have a question to ask you”   

“Okay as long as it’s not will you marry me” 


Alas, I know Mark and Bridget don’t work out however, because a third movie was made, Bridget Jones’s Baby, where her and Darcy aren’t together. I know for sure I haven’t seen that one so expect a post on it soon because I just have to find out what happens to one of film’s most iconic couples. Any thoughts or comments you have as well, please share! You know where to find me on social!




“Me & Mrs. Jones” — Movie of the Week #3: Bridget Jones’s Diary

I didn’t have a movie of the week last week, (much to the irritation of my hundreds of thousands of readers) since I had family in town (which you can read about here!) So, this week I’m bringing you back to back posts on two classics: Bridget Jones’s Diary and Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. 

large_YSaQZpTllsSjGM0QKsZW68m9nyBridget Jones’s Diary was released in 2001, and was based off Helen Fielding’s 1996 novel. I think the first time I watched this movie was maybe last summer … ? I then read the book (which I completely recommend, except probably before the movie) and loved it just as much.


So, what are your favorite parts from this classic movie? I love the beginning, in which Bridge first meets Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) and his infamous reindeer sweater. Seriously, I freaking LOVE Colin Firth (What a Girl Wants, Love Actually, Kingsmen are some of my favs) and he aces his performance in this movie too.

Speaking of ace performances, did you know Renee Zellweger was nominated for a freaking Oscar for her role as Bridget Jones? Since I was only thirteen when the movie came out, I’m sure I asked myself why she was nominated because it was a character I couldn’t relate to (hopefully my parents didn’t let me see the movie either).  But now as I sit here and rewatch the opening credits and Zellweger is belting out “All by Myself,” I can clearly see (needing only about 7 minutes into the film to do so) why she WAS nominated.


If you know the plot, then you know Bridget is a 30-something, single woman who starts a diary to take control of her life and have goals for the new year (and if ya don’t know … now ya know!). She also is in a bit of a love triangle with Mark Darcy (Firth) and Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant).

Beyond Darcy’s reindeer sweater & Bridget singing alone in her apartment, I love the scene when Bridget is deciding what underwear to slip on under her dress one night because she knows there is a hookup possibility with Cleaver. Does she wear the sexy, black, lace thong in case she ends the night with him, or does she wear the big, wide, grannypannies that suck in her stomach?


What do you think she chooses?

Did I mention I absolutely ADORE Colin Firth (especially in this movie!)? Who remembers the scene when he unexpectedly runs into Bridget and tells her, “You let whatever’s in your head come out of your mouth without much consideration; perhaps, despite appearances, I like you, very much; just as you are” Swooon! Gah that’s the moment when you’re watching, you want to stand up and shout, “I’M. PERFECT. JUST. THE. WAY. I. AM. TOO!!” 


I also loved Firth in the fight scene between Darcy & Cleaver in the snow with the song “It’s Raining Men” playing in the background (get. more. iconic!). They are fighting over Bridget (and probably over the animosity Darcy felt when his wife left him for his former BFF Cleaver – spoiler alert!). You can tell these two British “gentlemen” are not trained fighters and it makes for a laugh out loud brawl.


But, my favorite favorite overall scene is the snow scene in which Bridget and her friends are about to head to Paris and who shows up? My main man Firth aka Mr. Darcy. He comes to say he forgot to kiss her goodbye, she ditches her friends, Bridget & Darcy go upstairs, only for him to find her diary and see all the horrible things she wrote about him (BACK IN JUNE!) and he leaves, just takes off. Which of course leads her to run after him, in the snow, wearing only leopard underwear, a cami, sneakers, and a sweater … all while “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” is playing in the background. 

Katy, it seems like they are breaking up, why would this be your all time favorite scene from the film? Because you find out he actually left not because he was mad, but TO BUY HER A FREAKING NEW JOURNAL!


She got her happily ever after afterall!


If you enjoy Bridget Jones as much as I do, please comment below or find me on social media to discuss! Put in your email in the top right corner to directly receive posts — I’ll be posting on the other two Bridget movies asap!


Southern Charm Reunion pt 2: Still So Many Questions!

Is there really a double standard in Charleston?

Not only did we get a sneak peak of Shep’s new show, Relationshep, but we were left with yet even more unanswered questions from our favorite people down south during the second part of the Southern Charm reunion which aired Monday. Let’s begin the questioning!


Kathryn my darling, I actually have no questions for you. I mean there are many moments where your behavior confuses me or I cringe at a comment you make, but I think part two was heavily focused on the others and not you. Keep working through things girl!



Where there is a Kathryn Dennis, there is a Thomas Ravenel. Hope this post doesn’t piss you off (anyone catch that blogger drama he couldn’t stop posting about??). I really just have one question for T Rav: if you can’t find a woman in Charleston, why don’t you just move?!?! Bro, you’re in your 50’s with two kids; if you want a wife for you and a mother for them, then figure it out. What exactly is keeping you where you are?



Okay deep breath because I’m about to spew … Did you really make those comments regarding money and Aspen? Are you a gold digger? Do you realize how you’re being portrayed, like really see yourself as viewers see you? Are you still dating that 20-something dude? Did you really take Thomas to a wedding recently as your date because he’s only your “friend?” How would you feel if a girl was acting with a guy you liked, how you were acting with Austen?  Does that previous question even make sense because it was really hard to put into words? WHY DO YOU DO SO MANY THINGS TO MAKE ME DISLIKE YOU WHEN I TRULY DON’T WANT TO?!



Ohhh little Sheppie. Excited for your upcoming show! Quick question, are you different with those girls on your show than how you were with Chelsea? How would you feel if a guy treated your sister or niece the way you treated Chels? Do you think you truly feel nothing for girls because you secretly are in love with Cameran? Most important, have you ever been charged with public intoxication in your 36 years of living?



I saw you comfort Kathryn, or maybe you were stopping her from getting upset; do you feel you understand her more than the others? And if so, why? What are your thoughts on the Shep/Austen/Chelsea triangle? Are you jealous of Shep (truly, honestly, deep down) — because he compared you to Trump (eek!) …thoughts on that?



Set the record straight … is there a double standard regarding relationships and hooking up between men and women in Charleston? If so, why defend behavior like Shep’s or Thomas’s? Since you’re the only one married, does that make you like, the overseer of everything? When I say that, I don’t mean it negatively, just do you (or the producers) feel you have the most experience to commentate on everything instead of actually causing problems or getting into the middle of them? Lastly, what are your thoughts on Shep and Craig? Why do they seem to always come for each other, especially in the last two seasons? Is it really that Shep cares so much about Craig lying and Craig cares so much that Shep cares?



Was Chelsea the one to end things with you? If this is the case, then what the hell is wrong with her because you’re obviously perfect in every way.



How awkward was doing the reunion, especially since you had to sit in the “loser chair?” (I’m not calling YOU a loser, you’re gorg girl! But what the heck Bravo, let a girl sit on the couch!) Do you ever feel like a piece of meat, especially when it seemed like two guys were fighting over you, or after the way Shep treated you? However, my most important question for you … were you the one to end things with little baby Austen??


Last, but NEVER least in my heart … Whitney:

Honestly, just give me your thoughts on everyone (especially Kathryn — where do you stand with her currently?)! My biggest question though is where have you been and why weren’t there more Whitney questions at the reunion? Patricia said you were working in LA and I saw something else on Twitter about you working on Southern Charm New Orleans? Just give me something Whitney! Need more of you in our world!!!!!


I probably have way more questions, but figure I can save them (plus gather more) for the next season. Let’s see, what topics might those questions include: Cam’s baby, Kathryn’s sobriety, Thomas’s love life, Craig &  Naomie’s relationship, Austen’s dimples, Shep’s new show, anything regarding Whitney or Patricia, and finally the hope that Landon comes to grips with reality.  Fingers crossed!






Do you even GOT? 7×1 Recap

Someone cue Mariah Carey…I had WAY too many emotions running through me watching the return of Game of Thrones. See below! 


Okay so WHO saw that coming in the opening? I mean honestly you had to know something was up because Walder Frey got his throat SLIT by our girl Arya last season, so how could he possibly be giving this toast? Is it a dream? Is it a flashback? You also knew something was up when everyone was drinking and toasting, except Frey and his bride. Then Arya takes off the face?!

Current emotion:


Efffffffff! Here come the White Walkers! Why are there so many of them?! OH SHIT THE GIANT IS A WHITE WALKER NOW!

Current emotion:


There is my main man Jon Snow! Anyone read the Billboard Article where it mentioned Jon Snow is the most likeable character on GOT and if he were to be a modern day musician, he’d be TIMBY ….siiiigh! (Oh, sorry, I was talking about Justin Timberlake right there).  Anyway, Sansa girl! Stop interrupting your brother! I doubt he’s liking this right now. Stop challenging him in front of all his friends! Yeah that’s what I thought … he didn’t like it. And stop feeding him BS about how he’s such an amazing leader just to get him to agree with you (unless this is a spoiler about him sitting on the Iron Throne at the end of the series …?)

Current emotion:


Cersei still thinks her brother killed her son? She also thinks her other son betrayed her and isn’t upset about his suicide she caused? She isn’t concerned about having enemies in every direction (she literally has a map to help her determine this!)? Based off her talk with Jamie, I think Cersei is certified insane at this point (well, more insane than she was); the walk of shame and death of all her children has broken her. She done.

Current emotion:


Yay! A Sam scene! Ewww not a very pleasant one…don’t do whatever you’re about to do Sam…don’t go inside that gate! Well, maybe go in there because I want to know what’s inside… EW! Dead body cut open! Oh no Sam’s going to steal the keys …

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Aww look, Arya riding through the woo–hold the phone; IS THAT ED SHEERAN SINGING?! I knew he was to have a cameo but I didn’t know it would be in the first episode of the season and I didn’t know he’d be singing! Aww and his soldier friends seem nice! (Well nice enough until they kill Arya or each other but until then…)

Current emotion:



Current emotion:


Shit is about to go down … the Hound can tell…wait, did he just say top knot?!?!?! Okay good question Hound: why does this guy who I don’t even know or remember his name keep getting brought back to life by the Fire God? What does the Hound see in the fire — he sees a wall of ice …The Wall?? Why is he now burying these people? Does he know them or is he trying to be a decent human; I had to have missed something and he knows them because I’m not sure he can be a decent human …

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Awwww! Look how how much little Sam has grown! And Gilly can read! A MOUNTAIN OF DRAGON GLASS!! Whaaaa! Also, Sam is about to get in trouble … Oh SNAP OH SNAP OH SNAP!  JORAH MORMONT AND HIS GREYSCALE!

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Annnnnd then this happened…


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Interview with a Gen Z

My cousin Lanie visited us this weekend. She is from Texas but attends the University of Alabama. She’s literally the cutest person I’ve ever encountered and also looks exactly like Sansa Stark (double win!).


She’s in her early 20’s which makes her of the Generation Z grouping (grouping? era? demographic?). We had the best time on her visit, but I was super curious about the generation z pop culture influences. So we made wine spritzers, conducted an interview, and this is what I learned.


Housewives, Vanderpump, Southern Charm, basically anything Bravo is not popular. We listened a bit to Stassi’s podcast when we were on our way to go shopping, and the cuz was into it, but doesn’t know Stassi on the reg. Speaking of other popular reality stars, the Kardashians weren’t too popular either. Lanie had the best answer when I asked about if she liked the first family of reality tv when she said, “Yes, but no; depends on the day.” She did mention Kourtney was her favorite.


Lanie is in a sorority and said many of her sisters will have Bachelorette viewing parties. She mentioned she was a few episodes behind, catches it now and then, but did say she is not an Eric fan.


Continuing with the Bachelorette, Lanie said this, “Dean is perfect, but I know he won’t win; he’s too young.”


Lanie mentioned some of her favorite shows to binge watch are Friends and Criminal Minds, which honestly are great answers. Think about it, she’s in college, working, and in a sorority; girl is BUSY. Those two shows are the best to catch a rerun of probably any time of the day because you know they are constantly airing on cable television. Maybe she’s getting ready for a date party, or needs a study break? Boom. Catch one of your favorite shows anytime!

We did get into a discussion on Thirteen Reasons Why, which I haven’t watched yet, but is on the “To Do” list. Lanie said she watched it because so many of her friends did and she wanted to see what all the hype was about (similar to my interest in it as well). She said she felt like for tackling such tough subject matter, the acting could have been stronger. Solid opinion girl, solid! Two thumbs up!


As far as film is concerned, Cousin Lanie mentioned that her and her friends will go to the theater from time to time but they mostly just catch a movie at home when they can. She did say this past Spring Break her friends and her had a Harry Potter marathon (they even turned it into a drinking game: “Every time Malfoy says something mean, take a drink”). The fact that this was her Spring Break memory instead of a Panama City drunken beach trip makes her the coolest!


Generation Z knows all the music; literally every song that came on the radio she knew the words. Lanie said she listens to Today’s Hits and Today’s Country Hits. Some of her favorite artists are Luke Bryan, Sam Hunt, Brad Paisley, & Justin Bieber (which I feel is pretty stereotypical gen z … however, these also are some of my husband’s favorite artists which pretty much makes him a 20 year old girl).


Lastly, when I asked about social media, Lanie said Instagram is her favorite platform to use. I love social media to stalk celebrities and feel close to them; Lanie said she enjoys it to stay connected to her friends, which left me thinking for a bit about our entire conversation …

is there a difference between Generation Z and Millennials when it comes to pop culture interest? 

I think the answer is no.  I feel like because she’s so busy with classes (her last semester she got a 3.98!!), is super involved in her sorority, and works a part time job, she doesn’t really have time for television or celebs. She’d rather stay connected to actual people she knows. 

Perhaps, once you hit 25 you learn you have no life besides a bottle of Rosé and your dvr. (me, cerca the last three years). Or, maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m the one in this who is abnormal and have this strange obsession with all things celebrity. Maybe I’d rather be sucked into my tv or into a starlet’s life than have live contact and conversation. 


Ahh well the world keeps spinning either way; I’m just so glad she was here and I could channel my early 20’s for a weekend.

Let me know what you think on this topic, whether you’re a gen z, millennial, boomer, whatevs. Comment on this post or find me on social media (Twitter and IG at bottom of this page) to discuss the issue further. 




Southern Charm Reunion: I have so many questions …

As I’m positive all my followers and readers care, this past Monday was SUCH a cluster as a television blogger. Orange County premiered on Bravo, as well as the first installment of the Southern Charm reunion. Plus, Rachel was back on The Bachelorette this week (which I just covered yesterday) but on top of all that, the Home Run Derby was on, which I watch every year with my hubs AND featured my FAVORITE baseball player, Mike Moustakas.

T-Mobile Home Run Derby

#Sports on the blog! (See! We cover it ALL here on MHH) Anyhoo, I was finally able to catch up on part one of the Southern Charm reunion and I have many questions, so let’s get right to it!


Honestly, I don’t have anything for Thomas. He didn’t speak much this go around. He does seem to get pretty heated at the end of the episode which will transition us to next week’s part two. I did notice that his eyes would veer off to the side when he gets angry; do you know people who do that, like they’re so mad they can’t focus and aren’t really looking at you when they’re yelling, which kind of makes you want to laugh? Ah well, I’m sure I’ll have more questions for Thomas next week.



My first question is why did you color her hair? K-dog, your natural redhead color was BEAUTIFUL! Was it awkward sitting between Shep & Craig while they were going at each other? Was it difficult to talk about going to rehab because it seemed during some of the time that you  found it difficult to get your words out at all.


Moving on, did you reeeeeeally not have a single sip of that marg in Key West? You know that had to be about a $10 or $15 dollar drink; I doubt you didn’t at least try it. (Shep probably took it off her hands). You mentioned not having a support system, like where is your family on all of this? Why do we NEVER hear about them? Also, why are you so dramatic all the time? I mean you were that upset over a handkerchief and a gag order? By, the way, what is a gag order? Finally, you can seriously be addicted to marijuana and need to go to rehab for it?


Sticking with this little love triangle right here, Landon, why is your laugh so annoying and why do you feel it necessary to laugh at everything? But then, right after you laugh, you start to cry? Why do you cry all the time? If you’re not laughing or crying, then you’re coming for Kathryn. I understand that she said some damning things about you, but why do you care so much? Why do you have to call her out for every. little. thing. and try to find fault in everything she says? I’m just a lowly girl from Kansas and my opinion doesn’t matter on anything here, but it seems to me you should just not even worry about Kathryn or give her the time of day.



I just have one question. Why are you so handsome and charming?



Were you hungover at the reunion? How can you be so brilliant (large vocabulary, drop literary quotes like you’re spitting a rhyme) yet you are a hot mess and look like you smell half the time? Do you legit have a drinking problem? Like Andy asked Craig, what profession do you want (I mean I think you’re a business owner??) ?



Why do you meddle so much? Does it have to do with that awkward position you’re sitting in with your legs crossed and your hands resting on top your knees? Is that your meddling pose? Maybe if you could settle on one hobby or job (lawyer, liar, gardener, seamstress, cat lady, psychologist, dead leg competitor) then you wouldn’t have to meddle so much. Craig, you’ve ALWAYS been my favorite and each season seems to paint you as less and less in my eyes; it’s so depressing to watch. Fix it!



Where are we riding and why do we have to die? Also, why are you so unbelievably gorg?


Why is your storyline boring? HUGE congratulations on your baby but we need you to bring the drama girl (not just comment on it). Also, do you ever talk to Brad?


Finally, the most important question of this whole post:

Whitney & Patricia … WHERE ARE YOU?!